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    If you have patches of skin darker than your usual skin tone or dark spots or blackheads from injuries or trauma to your skin, chances are you have hyperpigmentation. While hyperpigmentation is not death threatening, it can be a little discomforting to have an uneven skin tone. But do not despair; there is a plethora of treatments and skincare guide for hyperpigmentation, some of which I will get to in a few. But before we go down that lane, what does hyperpigmentation entail? What is Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation is a medical term for the skin's discoloration that happens when increased pigmentation is caused by excess melanin production. Some skin areas are darkened when hyperpigmentation occurs, and it may appear in varying sizes of patches or spots. Although excess melanin production is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation, it is not the only cause. Underlying diseases and illnesses, prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun, scars from skin injuries and inflammation, hormonal changes, side effects of some medications like contraceptives and birth control pills, tattoos, and irritant cosmetic products, and likes can…

    Skin Care

    Who doesn't want to have a radiant skin glow when they take pictures for the gram? I'll tell you. Absolutely no one! From our favorite beauty vanguards' expert advice to dermatologists' professional counsel, moisturizing is being upheld as an essential step in any skincare and makeup routine. It is advised to moisturize daily to always keep your skin healthy and give it a silk-like smooth feel. However, some moisturize twice daily – morning and night – which is the recommended frequency. Whatever the frequency, it is pertinent to include moisturizing in your skincare routine. So why are you not moisturizing? The Right Moisturizer for Your Skin type Before you go for any moisturizer, please first understand your skin type's complexities and what works for your skin. Your skin type is widely determined by genetics, and while there is nothing you can do to change it, there are procedures to help maintain and improve it. Keep reading to find out the best kind of moisturizers for various skin types. Oily/Acne-prone skin Those with oily/acne-prone skin have one thing in common –…

  • Exfoliating Mitts vs Dry Brushing Step by Step Comparison
    Exfoliating Mitts vs Dry Brushing Step by Step Comparison
    Skin Care

    When it comes to skincare, clearing away dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth are both vital in developing a healthier glow. Individuals who want to take better care of their skin may be able to pursue their goals through either an exfoliating mitt or a dry brush. Both of these tools can provide the desired results, but knowing what to expect from each treatment can allow individuals to make more informed decisions regarding their routine. What is a Dry Brush? A dry brush, as the name implies, is a specialized brush that is used to exfoliate the skin. To use, individuals may simply scrub the brush over their skin in small, slow and gentle circles to encourage the removal of dead skin cells. Because this methodology stimulates circulation and blood flow, it can be an excellent option available for those who are looking for a home-care routine for their skin. Individuals can apply an oil to the brush after they come out of the shower to simultaneously get rid of older skin cells and rub in healthy moisturizers…

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