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10 Common Mistakes to be avoided during makeup
10 Common Mistakes to be avoided during makeup
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Doesn’t makeup help you instantly by giving you the possibly best appearance and making facial characteristics even more prominent? But, unfortunately, all of us can’t apply makeup flawlessly. Furthermore, it is a big challenge to buy cosmetics as it requires a great deal of precision. At times, doing makeup becomes so regular that one ends up in a spot where they stop experimenting. It might come as a shock for so many of you, but you have been committing various mistakes while doing makeup. These are ten makeup blunders you need to stop immediately:

Mistakes to Avoid

How to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin?

It’s always said when can never build a substantial house if the foundation isn’t strong; the same goes for your makeup. You might look bland or aged if you put your makeup on dry skin. On the other hand, no one wants a disappointing makeup as the result when the end number of minutes has been invested in trying to reach perfection. Therefore, always make sure while putting on makeup that your skin is well hydrated.

Applying foundation with a Sponge or the Fingers

Has it ever happen to you that you need your makeup done as soon as possible, so use your fingers tips or sponge to perfect the base? It might feel very convenient, but the results are something that one doesn’t necessarily desire, as it gives a very cakey makeup look to your face. A sponge is generally not prescribed since it absorbs a lot of foundation, thus wasting most of it. A makeup brush is the one that stands here at your rescue. It’d glide smoothly on your face and provide perfect coverage.

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Waterproof Mascara

Isn’t waterproof mascara a boon? It just makes your eyes look so perfect no matter what event you’re wearing it to or if you’d cry or wouldn’t. But make sure that it doesn’t become one everyday product. It takes more time to be removed, and the formula used in its making ends up drying one’s delicate lashes. Further, end up losing your lashes’ volume.

Using an Excessive Amount of Powder

Never use powders blindly all over your face! When it comes to fixing skin flaws, especially the greasy look many of us have on our T-Zone, the powder is our go-to product. But, even if you use it, just put a modest amount of powder and avoid powdering the skin which surrounds the eyes because this otherwise would intensify the fine lines (if any) and make your face appear even dryer.

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Glitter and Shimmer Mishap

When glitter is used wisely in the form of shimmery eyeshadows, it looks appealing. But undoubtedly, it’d end up ruining your whole appearance if overused. To prevent this, use a shimmery or glittery eyeshadow on the inner eye region, as well as try using eyeshadows that are a few shades darker than your skin color, followed by a coat of nude or matte eyeshadows.

Test foundation accurately

Every female here knows the struggle of dabbing foundations on their hands in a quest to find the exact shade. But how’d you felt if I tell you it is a blunder you’ve been following for ages? Testing it at the wrong places encourages one to purchase a too dark color for their skin tone. For far more precise outcomes, it recommends trying out the pigment on your neck, cheek, or décolletage. Since the color usually is brighter in these places, you’re less likely to buy a product that’s too dark.

Makeup in Poor Light

The difference in how your makeup looks indoor to outdoor could be a real bummer if you spent too much time mastering your makeup in the mirror to discover it isn’t as perfect as you figured. Makeup looks best in low light, but try it in good lighting if possible.

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Blush and cheeks

When we were kids, highlighting the edges of our cheeks with blush was the best idea to follow. As one gets older, it should be learned that their skin has undergone several changes, thus requiring a change in blushing techniques to prevent blushing blunders.

Blush your upper cheekbones rather than just the central part of cheeks, but avoid going very close to the nose region. I prefer using mellow, natural tones, which will make you seem younger and give you a pleasant and young romantic look. Leave the central cheek area for teens to blush!

Using a Lip Liner to Outline the Lips

Don’t we all love fuller lips? And in the same greed of ours, we end up using a lip liner. Although it enhances your existing lip line, that doesn’t imply you can use it to draw a line across your mouth because that’d be weird. So try using it minimal otherwise, the line will re-appear once your lipstick disappears. Please make sure to fill up the whole lip area before applying lipstick or gloss.

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Wearing Makeup on Before Going to Bed

Doing makeup is one thing, and removing is another, to be precise, even more difficult; who wants to get rid of something so quick which they spent hours on? You might feel exhausted but make sure you remove your makeup before falling asleep. Otherwise, your skin can become vulnerable to various allergies and acne. So wash any makeup you might have using micellar or even regular water, providing your skin time to heal.

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