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An Easy Guide to Setting Your Eyebrows
An Easy Guide to Setting Your Eyebrows
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If you’re active on social media, you have almost certainly come across a broad range of potions and lotions that promise you a quick brow-fix. Unfortunately, while some are great, others aren’t. Below, we explain how to use different methods and products to set your eyebrows just the way you want to.

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Eyebrow wax


Eyebrow wax is greasy by nature, but it’s still a popular way of holding brows in place. But because it’s sticky, dirt and dust particles can get trapped in the wax, which in turn may clog your pores and affect your hair follicles in the long run. So, while you can use wax to shape your brows, don’t rely on it to set your brows in place for any longer than a week or so.


Eyebrow soap


Back in the golden days of Hollywood, stars used brow soap to achieve those fabulous big brows. It has reemerged as a popular solution for shaping brows in recent times, as people are dying for that laminated look. One potential drawback to using brow soap is that your brows might appear crusty if you apply too much soap. This would cause it to look like you have dandruff, which is something we’re sure you want to avoid! If you opt for brow soap, make sure you follow the mantra that less is more.


Brow gels

Thanks to the range of tinted, volumising, and clear products on the market, brow gels have become popular recently. However, they’re not technically setting products, so you shouldn’t rely on brow gels for your long term brow goals. If you’re hoping to set your brows with a gel, it’s a good idea to use a brow fixer to help you achieve the look that you’re going for.

Eyes, Eyebrows

Introducing EyebrowQueen’s Brow Fix

EyebrowQueen’s Brow Fix products are just what you need if you’re hoping to shape your eyebrows to perfection. This brow fix boasts a unique formula in the form of a lotion, with one drop being enough to hold your brows in shape. Once applied, your brows will be waterproof and smudge-proof all day, and they will be primed until you apply makeup remover at the end of the day. It’s an ideal product for creating the fluffy brow that is very much on-trend right now, which is why it has become so popular.

Beatiful eyes and eyebrows

When coupled with EyebrowQueen’s colour boost, you have the eyebrow setting dream team! The colour boost is a three-in-one solution that is available in six colours, which is what you need to create a thicker brow. So, if you’re looking to set your brows yourself, look no further than EyebrowQueen’s brow fix for the ideal products to help you.

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Photo by Ernesto Norman ,Garin Chadwick  , Marius Muresan and Divine Effiong

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