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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Weft Hair Extension
    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Weft Hair Extension

    Let us face it, we all fantasize about having thick, beautiful mermaid-like hair that falls down our backs and makes us appear like we just walked out of a Disney movie. If you are anything like this, though, you probably were not born with these gorgeous locks.   Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available to us in our lifetime to make our hair seem thicker and fuller. And if you are living in Florida, a West Palm Beach salon will provide you with Disney-like hair and aura you have always wanted with hair extensions.   You may be aware that people purchase hair extensions for that long, beautiful, thick hair. But, are you aware of all the other things? The materials that it is made of?   In this article, we will provide you with information you did not know about hair extensions. And we will make sure it will make you want hair extensions more.   Weft Extensions   What are weft hair extensions made of? To make beaded weft hair extensions, they use authentic human hair…

  • Transition into Fall Like A Pro with 6 Fashion Tips
    Transition into Fall Like A Pro with 6 Fashion Tips

      Source   Transitioning from summer into fall is a beautiful feeling as the hot, sweaty days turn into pleasantly cold ones. The winds get a little chilly, and there's something about warm cups of hot chocolate in fuzzy blankets, which doesn't compare to anything in the world.   But when it comes to fashion, we take our words back. Something does correspond to the hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets, and that is warm yet fashionable fall outfits that celebrate the falling of golden leaves in the crisp, chilly air.   We are super excited to share with you some wonderful yet really handy fashion tips to help you transition into fall like a pro!   6 Fashion Tips to Make your Fall Stylish: These six fashion tips are something you should for sure hold on to, as they will help you get a firm grip on fashion without going through too many changes in your style as well as your wallet.   These six tips mentioned below will help you utilize your regular clothing into something more fun, stylish,…

  • How to do Skin Care While Travelling During Sunny Day
    How to do Skin Care While Travelling During Sunny Day
    Skin Care

    As you know wearing sunscreen is mandatory during heads out on sunny days. Putting sunscreen is important because your screen starts to tan in the deeper levels. I’m living in Canada, the weather in Canada remains cold throughout the year. I was not used to the hot weather. Once I visited Dubai during my business trip. Dubai is the hottest city throughout the year, for those who live in the coldest city must do skin care while travelling or exploring the hottest city. It had been eight years, when I was not traveling during hot sunny days. But that time, I had no options, I had to explore city tours and thrilling adventures under hot sun with no sunscreen on it. Later, that ends up at the acne breakouts.   For those who don’t know, yes, your skin will be damaged badly if you explore the sun without sunscreen. Where in most cases, that damage will never be filled up. Desert safari Dubai is experienced on the open Arabian desert. Where after the sunset you will step into the Bedouin…

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