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  • Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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    Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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    Ever feel you never have enough time? Maybe you've been feeling more tired, too. You probably know that stress and sleep deprivation can increase the risk for chronic health problems like hypertension, but you might not know why. Depression and anxiety are common in the pandemic. There is a concurrent increase in chronic fatigue, old age and autoimmunity. There seems to be a genetic predisposition to be susceptible to these conditions as people age. Could our society and our environment be creating something larger than ourselves? Could modern-day expectations of how much we need to work and how much we need to sleep develop too many people's physical and emotional health problems? The study says that around 20% of women and 11% of men feel tired In the past three months. The extreme tiredness is due to medical conditions and daily activities. How to Not Be Tired? In this article, I have mentioned ten reasons why you feel tired and how you could feel energetic again. Too much stress When you take too much stress, then your body produces cortisol.…

  • Does a Hand Sanitizer Lotion Work?
    Hand Sanitizer
    Does a Hand Sanitizer Lotion Work?
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    What is your daily habit of keeping your hands clean? The simple way of washing hands with soap and water is an effective way to fight germs and clean the hands. Some years back, a new trend of using sanitizers with 60% alcohol became popular for instant handwashing. Hand Sanitizer is vital to remove germs from your hands and prevent them from entering your body. This habit can reduce the risk of common cold and covid-19 with other vaccines. But, the daily use of this Hand hygiene product comes with unpleasant side effects. It makes the skin dry and cracked. For this purpose, people often use a moisturizer after using a Hand Sanitizer. However, many new products are developing to rescue this two-step method or make your use less moisturizer after sanitization.  How does a regular Hand Sanitiser irritate the skin? The alcohol content in the hand Sanitiser makes the skin dry. The overuse of hand Sanitiser can hamper the skin barrier. The skin barrier is already delicate for people with eczema or sensitive skin. So, the excessive use of sanitizers…

  • Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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    Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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    Jade combs are back in hype after a long. It's a self-care item that has been used for years by beauty influencers and Chinese medicine fans. This stone is considered beneficial for the scalp.  Jade combs are beneficial to stimulating hair circulation growth and relaxing it. However, this argument lacks proof by sufficient scientific evidence. Read more to know whether jade combs can stimulate hair growth and circulation.  What is a Jade comb? The Jade comb is related to gua sha. It is an ancient Chinese technique that emphasizes using a smooth edge tool to remove body inflammation and stimulate circulation and healing. Gua sha is useful for treating specific conditions like targeting muscles and tensions. Jade combing includes using a comb made for Jade to boost and massage the scalp. There is a common perception that Jade combing improves blood flow and facilitates hair growth.  Using the toothed side over the scalp with slight pressure can boost the scalp and bring fresh blood to the area by better blood circulation. Jade is particularly one of the highly revered stones in Chinese…