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  • This Fall, Flaunt These Hairstyles
    This Fall, Flaunt These Hairstyles
    Tips & Tricks

    Fall means you can finally let your hair down and shine, and what is a better way to start than a new look? Rocking in Retro: In the fall, that style will explode in the fashion world. The Old Hollywood-style waves are worth trying with some hair accessories. Start by blowing the hair with a deep side part, then use a setting spray on each section. Use a 3/4 curling iron wrap hair while twisting it around. This will give you the slight shape of the S-wave, which makes it feel more retro. Pin down your wave indent with flat clips to further accentuate them. Finally, brush out the style and tease if necessary, finish it off with Hairspray for brilliance. Twisted Bun: You can make the basic bun look not so basic with a little effort and creativity. These buns typically get tonnes of attention. Use a bungee elastic to secure the ponytail in place. Use Hair Oil at your tail for added shine. Grab and twist hair sections onto themselves, and connect them with hairpins. To keep hair in place,…

  • Top 3 cleansing brush you should buy now
    Top 3 cleansing brush you should buy now
    Hair Care

    Cleaning is one of the most critical steps of a skincare regimen. So a device capable of making cleansing more efficient can be a powerful tool for skincare. Typically, the brushes use a battery-operated motor, which moves the head of the brush in a repetitive motion. Some use a circular motion, while others move back and forth, but it's the bristles' repetitive motion combined with a cleanser that makes them work. Top 3 cleansing brush These brushes are one of the best ways to clean as they provide constant pressure, and many have timers than just using your hands. The brushes exfoliate so well that it is easier to absorb any skincare products which you apply after washing. But skin that's sensitive or aging may need a gentler approach. If your skin is irritated, a brush may not be the best choice. Startup Layoffs by Industry: Which Are Hit Hardest? Cleansing by Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush: Dermatologists developed the brush to serve all types of skin and give a gentle cleanse. The unique tapered head lets you target…

  • Beauty Sales in town you should check out
    beauty sale
    Beauty Sales in town you should check out
    Tips & Tricks

    Significant seasonal events aren't happening every day, but that doesn't mean there aren't any pretty decent (and mostly under-the-radar) deals. We have a list of 10 beauty sales that are worth checking out. 8 Best Brands of Watches That Will Groom Your Personality Soko Glam: Soko Glam introduced an in-house line called Good (Skin) Days consisting of affordable but high-quality skin-care items. One standout is the C's The Day Serum, which contains 10 percent pure vitamin C, a root extract of licorice, niacinamide, and camu camu rich in antioxidants to brighten the skin tone and minimize signs of hyperpigmentation. SkinStore: There are over 2,000 items on sale, so there's no denying that you'll find something — or, for that matter, several things — that catches your eye. Use the LABOR code at checkout to save significant money on your order. Life hacks: Hair Conditioner not limited to hair care Algenist: This year, Algenist hosts one of the most extended Labor Day-themed sales. The no-code event began on August 25 and is scheduled to last until September 10, so shoppers have…