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  • Tips for New Mums to Stay Positive and Productive
    Tips for New Mums to Stay Positive and Productive
    Tips & Tricks

    A happy, hands-on, productive, and optimistic new mum?  How is that even possible, you may ask? Yes, we know you are not Kim Kardashian or all the other celebrity new mums who seem to have this baby-rearing business all figured out, but who says you can't live your best life too while saddled with an infant that demands 24/7 attention! Dear new mum, you've got this. Follow these tips, and your mum-life will never be the same again! Do you Need Help? Ask for it This might be a no-brainer, but the vast majority of new mums find it easier to sit on needles and pins than ask for the most mundane help. Maybe you need someone to spell it out for you, but nobody gives “super mom” awards. And neither is it a show of weakness to delegate duties or ask someone to watch your baby while you sleep. There is only so much you can do as a mum. You don’t have superpowers; you are just like any other human who needs lots of rest to function. The…

  • Skin Care for Entrepreneurs
    Skin Care for Entrepreneurs
    Skin Care

    When you have a demanding work schedule, your workload takes priority over a simple skincare routine. But we often forget that a stressful work routine can wreak havoc on our faces. Yes, your business matters, but your appearance is equally important. A glowing face will not only reflect on your brand, but it does a lot for your self-esteem as well. I mean, who doesn't want to look good? Let’s look at some simple and easy hacks that will sort out your skincare routine while you are getting the dough: #1 WATER! This can never be overemphasized. Water is vital for your skin as proper hydration can take your skin from 0 to 100. It is quite simple too.  Splashing some water on your face can clear a generous amount of dirt on your face. It will wash the dirt right out of your pores and leave you with some glow. Also, the recommended eight cups of water per day is not one to be ignored. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. #2 EATING…

  • All about Korean Fashion
    All about Korean Fashion

    There is simply no denying it, fashion and clothing brands have been, and probably always will be, extremely popular. From middle school enrollees to their teachers and on to fashion debutants, being fashionable is an important part of life. While France, Italy, the U.K., and U.S. may boast the “most” fashion designers today, Korean clothing brands have emerged as some of the most popular of the 21st century. From Décke to the tailored suits by Time Homme, Korean clothing brands are a top choice of everyday consumers and fashionistas alike. But how did Korean fashion become one of the top choices? Let’s take a quick look. See more. A Look at South Korean Fashion Before the late 1800s, Korean residents were pretty much restricted to the traditional hanbok. This fashion faux pas was pretty much the only choice when it came to fashion and it meant that women wore a blouse or jacket, known as a jeongi, and a skirt which is called a chima, while men wore shirts known as jeongi and pants referred to as baji.  However, towards the 1900s, Japanese influence and the…

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