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  • HR Practices: Tips to Identify Top Talent Through Their Resume
    HR Practices: Tips to Identify Top Talent Through Their Resume
    Tips & Tricks

    How do conglomerates attracting thousands of applications for a handful of profiles go about identifying the top talent through just resumes? The ATS helps - to an extent. Applicant tracking systems are used by every major company facing this particular dilemma. The system processes all the resumes it receives against the job description and assigns a rank to all of them based on how closely they are made in response to the JD.  Best HR Practices When Hiring For A Role As a recruiter, your job is to identify genuine resumes from fraudulent ones. The machine is not equipped enough for that. What if a candidate has smartly included all the relevant keywords to get shortlisted? How do you figure out the authenticity and legitimacy in that case? We all know that applicants do not shy away from lying and exaggerating on their resumes. To help you filter the wheat from the chaff, we have come up with effective guidelines to scan resumes and identify top talents. Job Title The first thing you should notice on the resume is a job title. It…

  • 2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021
    2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021

    On the eve of 2021, we laid 2020 to rest (RIP 2020). It was a year that took a lot from many – physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, politically, and whatnot. On the flip side, it also brought us together. With multiple global social protests and various countries of the world coming together to fight off the killer-virus, 2020 was a year when solidarity reigned. However, we have no choice but to take these lifestyle trends 2020 forced upon us into the New Year. Some of these changes are essential if we want to keep the deadly virus away and stay safe, while some others are just an added advantage to Hopefully, no one takes frightening quarantine myths into the New Year with them. Turns out we have had enough scare for a year! Lifestyle Changes Sit tight as we explore together. Going Virtual For introverts and advocates of Bruno Mars’s lazy song, working, schooling, and socializing online was a dream come true.  Online shopping gained more popularity, companies and brands moved to e-commerce, court hearings, wedding ceremonies, and school graduation…

  • Fashion Tips and Trends for 40+ Ladies
    Fashion Tips and Trends for 40+ Ladies
    Tips & Tricks

    Being a 40 and above woman doesn’t automatically mean an end to your desire to stay fashionable and try out different styles. It only means that your style options might have to change to accommodate your growth. It’s everyone’s desire to age gracefully, the reason why many invest in expensive anti-aging skin-caring regimens.  But do you know your fashion sense also contributes to just how alluring you look as you age? Maybe you do…maybe not. Whenever you feel confused about wearing that spandex or just feel more relieved with some fashion tips and trends for 40 plus women at your fingertips, this guide will be your best friend. TRENDY TURTLENECKS With aging come features like wrinkles and fine lines. While a turtleneck is a fashion staple that never goes old, it’s also ideal for covering up imperfections of the neck area while drawing attention to the face. Credit: Fabulousafter40 SOFTER SHILLOUETTES Neutral tones and softer colors will give you a classic and graceful aura – try lavender.  However, this does not in any way invalidate the voguish effects of other…