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  • Our Top 7 Skincare Ingredients to Look for 2021
    Our Top 7 Skincare Ingredients to Look for 2021
    Skin Care

    Hey there! Yes, you fellow skin enthusiasts. It’s a new year, and you can bet your skin won’t mind getting introduced to fresh powerhouse ingredients. To start off the year on a healthy note, you need to be intentional about your skincare. With that at heart, these are our top buzz-worthy ingredients you should look out for in 2021 for that New Year’s suppleness and glow. Calcium You might probably run to second check the title of this article because widespread knowledge places calcium as only a bone-building and teeth-strengthening metal. Luckily for skin and beauty cults, that knowledge’s limited. There are calcium ions deposited in the skin’s upper epidermis, which are generally called the epidermal calcium gradients and help skin regeneration functions. However, aging and other events might cause this gradient to wear off, leading to skin elasticity loss. Adding calcium-based essentials to your skincare routine will improve your skin’s barrier functions, promote skin renewal, and regulate homeostasis. Healthy bones plus healthy skin equates to a healthy life! Wheatgrass If you want to take care of your skin and…

  • Be Successful At Starting A Blog With These Tips
    Be Successful At Starting A Blog With These Tips
    Tips & Tricks

    Starting a blog is one thing, but maintaining and commercializing it is another. Every day we hear bloggers’ success stories making as much as six figures from just regularly updating their blogs and feeding their audiences with captivating and juicy content. Still, not all of these bloggers go in-depth with the secrets to their success. If you dream about having your own blog someday and being successful at it, we write this for you. This article has relatable and realistic tips lined up to see you through your journey as a successful, prosperous blogger. However, you need to know it’s no easy peasy task and will require your time, dedication, hard work, and plenty of patience –but it’s totally achievable. Now that you know this let’s get you started on the metrics of running a successful blog, which will ultimately set you up to be worth a million bucks! CREATE A NICHE FOR YOURSELF There are many niches out there to settle for, from lifestyle, business and health to DIYs and self-help blogs. “Being a jack of all trade” blogger…