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Best hair color removers for erasing bad dye jobs
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Best hair color removers for erasing bad dye jobs
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Do you regret a dye job? You can never assure that your hair color turns out to be the same as you had planned. This could be a result of your trial at home or even in a beauty parlour. Your reasons can differ but ultimately, you are not happy with the result! 

Kiya Wright, a celebrity hairstylist, recommends using products without harsh ingredients like ammonia or bleach and focuses on the gentleness of the products you choose! Ensure checking the “ingredients” and the “directions” because every product works on a different formula. To get the best results, follow the instructions as to how long can you keep the hair color, allowing the product to settle on your hair. Apply the hair color on your hair shafts in parts. Well, color is not a blanket fix! You might not get the original hair color precisely; however, the dye color may fade off. 

Kiyah’s expertise and scrutinizing user reviews led us to some of the finest hair color removers. Before you check out the best products, you must be aware that since removers generally have a strong smell, you must apply in areas that have proper ventilation. Hair removers can make your hair strands dry. So, make sure you use a hair mask to restore moisture.

Finest hair color removers

Color Oops: Hair Strength intact


Rated five-star by approximately 100 reviewers, this product is best-loved to fix temporary and permanent hair color mishaps. One of the reviewers was pleased with the product’s outcome as her hair color came out and her hair was not wiry or hard. Twenty minutes are enough for you to apply the formula and meanwhile, it additionally conditions your hair.

Color B4: Strong scent with Extra strength


A reviewer could get rid of the years of colored hair (red and black) without any damage to hair and using bleach leads to broken strands. Strongly scented product but gives your hair the additional strength.

Color X-Change: All night hair mask + Decolorizer


A jelly-like substance forms on mixing the two sachets. Now apply the mixture proportionately all over your hair and let your hair absorb it throughout the night. Wash your hair the next morning and the color is out! One of the reviewers was surprised to notice the color fade off although the product was bleach-free.

L’Oreal: Lifts unwanted dye


It is one of the best brands of color removers for a serious color mishap. According to one of the reviewers, it is the only product to remove the black dye. You get an even tone finally as it foams for helping cover your entire hair.

Roux: Color stains vanish


If you need to clean edges or remove color stains from your skin, you can pick this product. This is not for hair but it is very useful while attempting to dye and does not it acts very gently on the skin.

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