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Best Halloween Kits To Get Your Dream Transformation
Best Halloween Kits To Get Your Dream Transformation
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Halloween is the best day to surprise your loved ones whether it be as a scary ghost or a beautiful mermaid. Though it can be tough to look for the best Halloween kits. To make it easier, we’ve listed the best makeup kits and this are specifically for the Halloween.

Hollywood Makeup Center – Buy Here

This all-inclusive package is suited for people who dress up more than once for the Halloween. It has the usual color palette, cream makeup but also comes with fun items like fake blood and skin, hair color, glitter gels, and black tooth wax.

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Deerling Make-Up Kit – Buy Here

This kit comes with flower-covered antlers, varieties of stick-on gems. You can upgrade this costume from basic woodland to enchanted forest creature.

Deer Makeup Kit – Buy Here

High budget? Try this kit with neutral cream colors and black liner. You can easily create deer’s white spots, rimmed eyes, and black nose with this kit.

Adult Sea Siren Mermaid Makeup Kit – Buy Here

Kit comes with adhesive stencils, blue cream makeup, glitter feel and stick-on rhinestones.

Body Glitter by iMethod – Buy Here

Unicorns and glitter are synonymous. This kit also comes with a horn, which is available in different colors.

Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit – Buy Here

Fan of gore art? This Pro kit is surely for you, it comes with everything right from liquid latex flesh to fake blood.

Zipper FX Makeup Kit Standard – Buy Here

Why you should buy this?

  1. It’s frighteningly realistic!!!
  2. Hardly takes 30 minutes!!
  3. Super Affordable!

5 Color Bruise Wheel – Buy Here

It helps you create everything from a bruised knuckle to zombie scar.

Make-Up Co. Kiss Makeup Kit – Buy Here

KISS enthusiast? Transform into one of the legends.

Flash Color Palette Multi-use Cream Color Palette – Buy Here

High-pigmented cream color palette is best for Halloween, lipstick and liner can be still used all year round.

Athena Face Body Paint colors with Oil Palette – Buy Here

This 20 color palette is best for face designs and cosplays. Although long-lasting, it’s not waterproof since the paints are oil-based.

Mesmerize – Buy Now

This palette of dazzling metallics is a good addition to your makeup kit. You can be a panther or leopard, but it is perfect for rock smoky eye makeup.

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Mothership III Eyeshadow Palette – Subversive – Buy Now

They have some spectacular pigments, which makes them perfect for Halloween. The colors in this palette blend well in the creation of a beautiful doll or scary witch.

Moxielash – Buy Now

Compliment your look with vivid magnetic lashes, which will last beyond Halloween with 30 uses each.

Colorfix Neon – Buy Now

These hybrid creams deliver high-impact color on the eyes, lips, and face without any smudge.

We hope that you find what you have been looking for. Plus in case you want any other Halloween makeup to be added in this list, do comment below. Let’s help everyone!

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