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Blend in trend with plop curls
Blend in trend with plop curls
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I was once curious about how to get natural curls and hit the search button on the web. Dozens of comments poured in from women in their profile pictures with perfectly formed and bouncy curls, offering product reviews, words of encouragement, and, most importantly, an introduction into the wonderful world of plopping.

While plopping is new to TikTok, it has been a hairstyle secret for over a decade. Plopping helps the hair to dry in a relaxed, undisturbed location, freeing the hair of its own weight as well as the extra weight of the water that tends to straighten out the wave patterns.

Plopping is a heat-free curl-enhancing method to dry your hair. Hair, like the old-fashioned pin curl or roller sets, is held at a set position. But a lot more realistic. It lets you play on your own hairstyle and improve it.

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How to do it?

First, clean and condition your hair.

Then, place a wrap on a flat surface — a long sleeve t-shirt, pillowcase, or towel.

Bend down, allow your wet hair to flow forward, then turn your head to reach the fabric’s center at the ends of your hair. Then slowly squash hair downward into the fabric towards the edge, like the slinky spring closing motion or accordion.

Once you’ve tightened your hair, pair the wrap corners, so there’s just two, and start twisting the side simultaneously until firm.

Flip your head upwards, take to the front, and keep it secure.

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Products to use for plopping:

You can choose any silicone-free, lightweight, water-soluble cleaning products and treatments that can simply fix and arrange the hair. You have to check with what works best for you like everything else; this could need to be revised at various seasons.


This super-humidifying shampoo cleans gently, which is crucial to avoiding frizz.


If you would like to use a pillowcase, make sure it’s silk — other fabrics can snap delicate strands or trigger frizz. This one from Silp has no zipper, so if wrapped, it will be more comfortable.


Go deep with this strong, fantastic conditioner that smells amazing. It’s perfect for hair that has been color-treated or damaged, returning your crown to its former glory.

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This hair oil is most suggested for getting smooth and glossy hair. Your curls could do a bit gloss to look more fantastic.


This touch-up spray is excellent for non-wash days and will revive and hydrate the curls.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and use the products to get perfect plopping and blend in the trend. Wish you happy curls.

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