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Botox – Unlocking the unspoken truth
Botox – Unlocking the unspoken truth
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Have you ever come across someone who came back like he or she might have spent a whole month in a spa and had been drinking collagen there? The chances are high that they might have had Botox – an excellent solution to wrinkles and fine lines. This is why nearly six million Botox injections are administered every year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic industry treatments.

Despite its vast popularity, many myths continue to mislead. Misinformation about its procedure and risks is what that’s keeping the market of rumors warm. Putting them down once for all, read this informative article on Botox.

Botox – At a glance

This sounds a bit unusual, but Botox is extracted from a neurotoxin that comes from Clostridium botulinum. This is used in doses of very small quantities to make forehead wrinkles disappear. A perfect way to make yourself look super glamorous!


Botox Injections – How do they work?

A signal called neurotransmitter has to be released by a signal to move a muscle. It is the Botox that depletes this neurotransmitter, stopping any muscle movement. Once the local nerve impulses are blocked temporarily (for particular strength in your face) by Botox, you are prevented from having complete facial expressions. This ultimately stops the wrinkles.

Where Can You Get Botox Injections?

As specified by the FDA, there are certain defined areas where injections can be administered. These areas are crow’s feet near your eyes, forehead, and between the eyebrows. A few experts also use it to soften the chin and necklines, remove the lines around the jaw, mouth, flip the lip up, and lift the mouth’s corners.

What is the acceptable amount of Botox?

Although the quantity of administering Botox varies from person to person, however, the industry average is somewhere around 20 units for wrinkles and forehead. For crow’s feet, it’s between two to ten units. According to the experts, it is not the depth of the lines that are an issue. The answer to how much Botox you need depends on the strength of the muscle.

For minor forehead lines: 15-25 units are administered every 3 months.

For deeper wrinkles: every three months, 25 units are administered.

 What is the time required for Botox to work?

It takes somewhere around 24 to 48 hours for the Botox to kick in. The results take three to seven days to show up. But the full effects of Botox show up 10 to 14 days later.

 How long does Botox typically last?

If the right amount is used, its effects last for three months. However, it wears off early if the volume administered is low. Yet, it is found that the results last up to six months. Since the body’s ability to metabolize neurotoxin differs from person to person, the results may vary.

 Concluding note

Although not every question has been answered in the article, it is yet one of our many efforts to educate people about Botox. Further, it is always advised to get your Botox injections from a legitimate palace. You can click here to get the right ones online.


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