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  • Jade Rollers: Miracle fix for youthful skin?
    Jade Rollers
    Jade Rollers: Miracle fix for youthful skin?
    Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Jade roller is a popular skincare tool made of jade stone. Jade rolling works by assisting lymphatic fluid drainage that can cause a depuffing effect and boosts blood circulation. The massaging effects are highly beneficial, aiding in skin toning, detoxifying, and enhancing glow. Further, it is useful for sculpting, improving elasticity, diminishing fine lines, and better penetration of skincare products. Jadestone has anti-aging properties and uses rolling action to decrease puffiness and help in clearing out toxins. Although intensive research is required to confirm results, this technique originated in China, is useful in the relaxation of facial muscles, and imparts a cooling effect on your skin. How to use a jade roller? Usually, you can glide the jade roller on dry, bare skin. You can also use it after applying a moisturizer or serum, thus utilizing it for product absorption. Roll the tool upward and outward from the center of your face. Such action promotes fluid drainage as the rolling motion is towards your lymph nodes. Experts say that the above described directional movement helps negate gravity alongside lifting your…

  • Healthy benefits of drinking lemon water
    Healthy benefits of drinking lemon water
    Anti-Aging Skin Care

    You may have noticed a slice or two floating in someone’s glass of water at the restaurant, in a movie, or at the gym. Is it a fad to drink lemon-infused water or are there benefits to it? Lemons are a great source of a natural antioxidant, Vitamin C that is known to help prove the immune system. Lemon also has antiviral and antibacterial qualities. It can help revitalize and keep your body hydrated so you should consider sipping on a glass or two throughout the day! Some people swear by taking lemon water in the morning, however, there is no set time for taking it. You can enjoy it any time of the day and you will rip its health benefits. Be sure to avoid taking it in its raw form as it is acidic. Throw a slice or two in water; hot, warm, or cold, it doesn’t matter! Take care of how you take lemon water as it does contain citric acid. You don’t want it to erode your tooth enamel. You may want to sip on it…

  • 5 Easy Anti-Aging Hacks To Get Younger Skin
    5 Easy Anti-Aging Hacks To Get Younger Skin
    Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Aging accelerates your lifestyle, some environmental factors, and the amount of attention you give to it, things you can control. So, the sensible way to get younger-looking skin and age beautiful is to take care of your skin and maintain a balanced outlook. While gracefully aging is a thing, we prefer to switch it off for more youthful skin any day. When we can't stop aging, we can make the most of our skincare routine and push back the wrinkling process in at least a few years. In this article, we have compiled some easy-to-use tips to help you look and live at a young age. If you want younger skin without engaging yourself in beauty procedures, these easy tips will definitely help you. Moisturize regularly Moisturizing is a daily ritual that you should follow daily. It keeps the skin hydrated, so it improves elasticity. Dry skin is prone to stretching and wrinkles and other signs of aging. Eat right Eating processed foods and consuming sugary drinks and alcohol can directly affect the skin. Limit excess consumption of such foods…

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