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  • An Easy Guide to Setting Your Eyebrows
    An Easy Guide to Setting Your Eyebrows

    If you're active on social media, you have almost certainly come across a broad range of potions and lotions that promise you a quick brow-fix. Unfortunately, while some are great, others aren't. Below, we explain how to use different methods and products to set your eyebrows just the way you want to. Eyebrow wax   Eyebrow wax is greasy by nature, but it's still a popular way of holding brows in place. But because it's sticky, dirt and dust particles can get trapped in the wax, which in turn may clog your pores and affect your hair follicles in the long run. So, while you can use wax to shape your brows, don't rely on it to set your brows in place for any longer than a week or so.   Eyebrow soap   Back in the golden days of Hollywood, stars used brow soap to achieve those fabulous big brows. It has reemerged as a popular solution for shaping brows in recent times, as people are dying for that laminated look. One potential drawback to using brow soap is…

  • Get flawless skin with these Public Good’s products
    Get flawless skin with these Public Good’s products

    Public Good, recognized for a sustainable product, made its first appearance with six creams. The product results speak for themselves that it led to having a waiting list before the arrival of the new product. The Skin Care System of Public Good brand is available online, and it is cheap. Moreover, this product is scientifically approved and has natural ingredients. This product guarantees to give you essential nutrients to your skin and make your skin flawless. This Skin Care System consists of Vitamin C and cleansing serum for the morning. In addition to that, it is refreshment cream and night cream for midday. The Care system also has an eye cream containing peptides and caffeine to freshen up your skin. Moreover, de-puff cream and detox clay makes deep cleaning of the skin. The convenient thing about this product is that it is paraben-free, phthalates, no harsh chemicals, vegan and free from cruelty. Crème Cleanser - $10 Buy now This creamy cleanser is milky and absurdly soft, washing dirt and grime away in a lovely lather. The star ingredients are kaolin…

  • 14 Dermatologists’ Skincare Tips to Get Clear Skin
    Morning Routine
    14 Dermatologists’ Skincare Tips to Get Clear Skin

    We've been unkind, harsh, and even punishing in our pursuit of flawless skin. It turns out that scrubbing, rubbing, and picking at our faces isn't good for our skin. Dermatologists are now advising us to include more kindness in our skincare routines to achieve cleaner skin. The dermatologists tell how to attain skin clarity once and for all, from products to habits. Dermatologists' Skincare Tips Cleanse your face with a brush Cleansing your skin takes off more debris, bacteria and heals your skin. Cleaning brushes shed off the skin's surface, making it feel and look softer and smoother. Make sure you're using an acne-specific gadget. Some bristles are too harsh, causing irritation and redness. Do not use any face wash! The dermatologist recommends using a gentle cleanser made specifically for acne-prone skin despite the natural desire to zap zits. It is contradictory. However, any cleaner that extracts the skin's natural oils might cause an increase in oil production, which cause acne. It's also an excellent option to wash your face twice a day to remove dirt, debris, and sweat in the…