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  • Top 12 durable lip colors of 2020
    Top 12 durable lip colors of 2020

    These long-lasting liquid, crayon, and cream formulas are your best bets if you want your lip color to last all night; Vice Liquid Lipstick (URBAN DECAY): Buy Now Longest-lasting option hands-down after five hours of wear. After taking a coffee drink, there was almost no residue and said the color remained bright. It got top scores around the board for failing to feather, smear, slip, or fade. Read This - Are H-1B Visa Workers Overpaid or Underpaid? Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (NYX): Buy Now Thanks to a broad and flat applicator for maximum coverage in one pass, Testers gave this pick the highest score for its smooth and accurate implementation. It has the second-highest satisfaction score of the entire lot, despite the color fading through the day. Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (MAC): Buy Now This MAC formula won top scores in tests to withstand smears, resist transition, and remain vibrant after wearing five hours. It could make lips look dry, but it was simple to apply the thick formula, and the pigment was solid and not see-through. Read This -…

  • Best face highlighters to keep your skin glowing forever
    face highlighters
    Best face highlighters to keep your skin glowing forever

    Highlighter has been a secret weapon for beauticians and make-up artists for a long time. This cosmetic product makes your skin look refreshed, radiant, and glowing. While shopping for a highlighter, you must primarily consider the best formula, including Creams, Liquids, and Powders. Further, get the correct shade as per your skin color. What follows are a few of the most significant skin illuminators and face highlighters: RMS Beauty - Magic Luminizer Buy Now This luminizer is a coconut-oil based cream highlighter, which is champagne-colored and gives a natural look. The sheer formula gives a flattering glow to your cheeks and eyelids. Although it might be an emollient for oily skin, it is super easy to apply and melts onto the skin, suiting best for dry, dehydrated skin.  Must Read - 4 Styling Strategies to Make Your Home a More Joyful Place Laura Geller - Easy illuminating stick Buy Now This highlighter stick enlivens skin as you simply swipe it along your cheekbones or other high-points of your face. The gleamy formula makes your skin appear healthy and sculps features.…

  • Say bye-bye to these beauty trends
    Say bye-bye to these beauty trends

    Makeup is absolutely love. So when it comes to patterns, our credo appears to be leaning towards "you do you." The cyclic essence of beauty; the way it all turns old again is what is most impressive of all. Sometimes we choose unappealing looks just because they're fashionable, but when you realize they don't work for you and most other women, there's no reason to continue doing so. Those makeup trends indeed outstripped their welcome, and it's time to let them go. Strobing includes showcasing the face's high points for a flawless and glittering finish. Some makeup trends that need to die are visible contouring, so strobing is much better, because you'll only need a single shade to create the look. The use of too much highlighter will undoubtedly turn the shine in the wrong direction. Forget about the shimmering white highlighter and, in moderation, use a more subtle hue. The highlighter will give you a radiant look, not transform the face into a shiny mask, from pink champagne for lighter complexions to rose-gold for darker ones. The time for…