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  • The Best Makeup Trends Every Woman Should Try
    The Best Makeup Trends Every Woman Should Try

    Makeup trends come and go in the market and each one loves to be in trend, right? On the internet today, you will find multiple simple makeup tips that you can easily follow. Be it anything, you can find basic makeup tips routines, and trending makeup tips for yourself on the internet easily today. Choosing the right makeup artists will also help you in being with trends and will make you do everything that is going on in the makeup field. With the assistance of salon booking apps, you can look for the best salons that can provide you with the best makeup services and the best part is that you do not even have to get down to the salon for fixing an appointment, you can do it easily by sitting at your place. In this article, you will get to know about the latest makeup trends that should be tried by all women. Best makeup trends to try There are multiple makeup tips & tricks for a natural look and for a party look too. Here, you will…

  • All about Korean Fashion
    All about Korean Fashion

    There is simply no denying it, fashion and clothing brands have been, and probably always will be, extremely popular. From middle school enrollees to their teachers and on to fashion debutants, being fashionable is an important part of life. While France, Italy, the U.K., and U.S. may boast the “most” fashion designers today, Korean clothing brands have emerged as some of the most popular of the 21st century. From Décke to the tailored suits by Time Homme, Korean clothing brands are a top choice of everyday consumers and fashionistas alike. But how did Korean fashion become one of the top choices? Let’s take a quick look. See more. A Look at South Korean Fashion Before the late 1800s, Korean residents were pretty much restricted to the traditional hanbok. This fashion faux pas was pretty much the only choice when it came to fashion and it meant that women wore a blouse or jacket, known as a jeongi, and a skirt which is called a chima, while men wore shirts known as jeongi and pants referred to as baji.  However, towards the 1900s, Japanese influence and the…

  • 2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021
    2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021

    On the eve of 2021, we laid 2020 to rest (RIP 2020). It was a year that took a lot from many – physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, politically, and whatnot. On the flip side, it also brought us together. With multiple global social protests and various countries of the world coming together to fight off the killer-virus, 2020 was a year when solidarity reigned. However, we have no choice but to take these lifestyle trends 2020 forced upon us into the New Year. Some of these changes are essential if we want to keep the deadly virus away and stay safe, while some others are just an added advantage to Hopefully, no one takes frightening quarantine myths into the New Year with them. Turns out we have had enough scare for a year! Lifestyle Changes Sit tight as we explore together. Going Virtual For introverts and advocates of Bruno Mars’s lazy song, working, schooling, and socializing online was a dream come true.  Online shopping gained more popularity, companies and brands moved to e-commerce, court hearings, wedding ceremonies, and school graduation…