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  • 2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021
    2020 Lifestyle Changes We Are Taking into 2021

    On the eve of 2021, we laid 2020 to rest (RIP 2020). It was a year that took a lot from many – physically, emotionally, psychologically, economically, politically, and whatnot. On the flip side, it also brought us together. With multiple global social protests and various countries of the world coming together to fight off the killer-virus, 2020 was a year when solidarity reigned. However, we have no choice but to take these lifestyle trends 2020 forced upon us into the New Year. Some of these changes are essential if we want to keep the deadly virus away and stay safe, while some others are just an added advantage to Hopefully, no one takes frightening quarantine myths into the New Year with them. Turns out we have had enough scare for a year! Sit tight as we explore together. Going Virtual For introverts and advocates of Bruno Mars’s lazy song, working, schooling, and socializing online was a dream come true.  Online shopping gained more popularity, companies and brands moved to e-commerce, court hearings, wedding ceremonies, and school graduation ceremonies were…


    Wonder why most models are of a certain tall height range?  Or why some ladies are more sexually attracted to tall men and vice versa?  This is because society has attributed so much positivity to tallness and has constantly shown preference for taller individuals especially regarding socioeconomic and sociopolitical situations. There are numerous benefits of being tall and here we let you in on a few of the social benefits.  What’s more? If you desire to grow taller notwithstanding whatever biological or hormonal restrictions holding you back, then read till the end for the optimal alternative to gaining heights. A clue: it has nothing to do with wearing those six inches stilettos.   Some Social Benefits of Being Tall Improves Self Esteem and Self Confidence Nothing boosts your self-esteem and gives you more self-confidence, like being one of the tall people in the crowd.  Rarely do you see a tall person being bullied for their tall physique. On the flip side, short people tend to be ridiculed for their small height (which is not a good thing).   Attracts Social…


    Fall is here again, and yes, while we are sure to miss the sun and the time spent at the beach sunbathing, rocking our bathing suits, and all the fun stuff that comes with summertime, we can’t help but transition with the breezy change. It's important to stay fashionable and voguish in every season and blending with each season’s style and beauty focus is one way to achieve a classy status. With the drop in temperature, it’s now all about layering and buckling up. For those who may be finding it difficult to have a smooth transition into the new season, keep on reading for some great fashion tips that will surely help improve your style game this fall. #1 INCORPORATE COLOR Switch up your wardrobe by adding colors. Dress the season by wearing orange, yellow, brown, green, burgundy, and grey, purple, gold. Be bold enough to move on from match on match and color block instead. For significant pieces that are dark or solid colors, bring in some color with your accessories. When going for summery colors, pair with…

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