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  • Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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    Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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    Jade combs are back in hype after a long. It's a self-care item that has been used for years by beauty influencers and Chinese medicine fans. This stone is considered beneficial for the scalp.  Jade combs are beneficial to stimulating hair circulation growth and relaxing it. However, this argument lacks proof by sufficient scientific evidence. Read more to know whether jade combs can stimulate hair growth and circulation.  What is a Jade comb? The Jade comb is related to gua sha. It is an ancient Chinese technique that emphasizes using a smooth edge tool to remove body inflammation and stimulate circulation and healing. Gua sha is useful for treating specific conditions like targeting muscles and tensions. Jade combing includes using a comb made for Jade to boost and massage the scalp. There is a common perception that Jade combing improves blood flow and facilitates hair growth.  Using the toothed side over the scalp with slight pressure can boost the scalp and bring fresh blood to the area by better blood circulation. Jade is particularly one of the highly revered stones in Chinese…

  • Sun-Protect Your Hair and Scalp with Heat Protectant for Hair
    heat protectant for hair
    Sun-Protect Your Hair and Scalp with Heat Protectant for Hair
    Hair Care

    You should know everything about SPF. Even so, we know you forget one region while applying your sunscreen. Your Hair and scalp also require sunscreen. Yes, you have read it right. UV-protective hair care can keep your color and protect you from damage, but it is different from the sunscreen you apply to your body. We also spoke with specialists to get the inside information on scalp and hair UV protection.  What is the effect of the sun on your Hair? UV radiation can have two effects on your hair: color and health. UV rays have been related to the reduction of toner and base color and the hastening of hair loss. Your hair has a high porosity, implying it easily takes UV rays. These rays eventually contact your Hair's pigment, triggering a chemical change that dissolves the colors in your hair, whether natural or salon-applied. Our cells generate free radicals when we receive higher radiation, which causes protein loss or severe damage to the hair strand. Is it safe to apply sunscreen to your hair and scalp? Before buying…

  • Get Your Desired Curly Hair with These 10 Products
    Get Your Desired Curly Hair with These 10 Products
    Hair Care

    Do you want soft and curly hair? If you said yes. I made the list of best products that helps you to achieve these looks. These hair curling appliances can give you both loose and tight curls. These are easy to carry. You can even go for the wavy look. You can quickly get that salon-like look sitting at your home. Products To Get Curly Hair Do you feel anxious while buying a hair curling appliance? IF the answer to this question is also yes, I will tell you the factors you should consider while buying the products. So, here are ten products that you need to check out:- AGARO HC-6001 Hair Curler with 25mm Barrel It has a 25mm barrel diameter. Also, it has the coating of tourmaline. The ceramic coating gives a shine to your hair. It has heated up to 200 degrees Celsius. This product also ensures that you do not get burnt by having a cooling touch tip. Moreover, this product has an LED light indicator. This product has a 360-degree swivel cord. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair…