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  • 12 Ideal Inexpensive Hair Dryers Under $100
    12 Ideal Inexpensive Hair Dryers Under $100
    12 Ideal Inexpensive Hair Dryers Under $100
    Hair Care

    Hairdryers were invented in France in the late 19th century, and they resembled more like a robot than any modern-day version. However, we now have the opportunity to select the ideal hair dryer that suits us. Luxury vs Affordable Hair Dryers According to Cédric, today's performance and design are the most significant difference between a cheap and expensive hairdryer. Many professional hair dryers are strong with advanced technology that helps you produce a smooth blowout without scorching your hair. But you can still get a salon-like blow dry at home with various cheap and stylist recommended hair dryers. 12 Ideal Inexpensive Hair Dryers Under $100 Twelve best inexpensive hair dryers under $100, ranging from expert-approved to highly-reviewed alternatives. Elchim 2001 High-Pressure Hair Dryer Buy Here Even though this hairdryer is slightly more than $100, but is one of Cédric's preferences. It comes with two speeds, five temps, and a super-powered AC motor that's especially good for thick hair, which he suggests to clients looking for a high-powered yet budget-conscious alternative. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt AC Motor Hair Dryer Buy…

  • Remember These Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips For Lifetime!
    Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips
    Remember These Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips For Lifetime!
    Hair Care

    Salons can be costly, so if you want to dye your hair, then dye your hair at home. However, with these at-home hair dyeing tactics and advice, the once-difficult task of dying your hair can become the most convenient thing. First of all, make sure you're comfy in your PJs and have everything you'll need (we've mentioned below), and don't rush. Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips We've listed the most excellent at-home hair-colour tactics and suggestions for salon-quality like results. Never trust the model The model's hair on the box appears gorgeous and is a dream of many to have such hair. Colorist Dana Ionato of the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon in New York City says, "The colour usually turns up lighter than the model's hair on the box." "Because the developer in at-home permanent dyes is stronger, making it lighter than what you see on the package". The chart on the front of the box, depicts the overall colour you receive from the different hair colours shown, tells how the colour will appear. Eight graphs depicting the effects of…

  • Best Exfoliating Brushes You Can Choose From
    Best Exfoliating Brushes
    Best Exfoliating Brushes You Can Choose From
    Hair Care

    The best exfoliating brush is effective for body exfoliation. Dry brushing has had a comeback in popularity in recent months due to its gentle and efficient approach to skin enhancement. The ancient process, which dates back millennia, increases blood circulation in the skin while also sloughing away dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, revealing smoother, softer, and toner-looking skin—this amount of polishing from the best body brushes for exfoliating. The exfoliating brush cleans the pores and removes dirt and oil. Moreover, it aids the skin natural regeneration process, which stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes firmer, tighter skin. It may also aid in the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks in some people. If you have sensitive skin, you might be hesitant to try a new body scrub. Or you might be worried about the effects of the scrub on your skin. But regardless of your sensitivities, it's time to make a body scrub purchase. The most special exfoliating body brushes promote the body's lymphatic drainage system and have a purifying effect on the skin. A dry brush…

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