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  • 10 hair straightening brushes you can choose as per your need
    10 hair straightening brushes you can choose as per your need
    Hair Care

    When your shiny cheeks aren't on the table, look for a simple hair straightening brush, the only heating device you can easily use to get shiny straight hair. It's a device that is well worth the extra time, research, and money, but your hair without scorch will most definitely be appreciated. We have worked hard for you. We've rounded up a dozen straightening brushes to suit any hair texture. Scroll and find the one that best suits you. GHD Limited Edition Festival Glide Professional Hot Brush – Buy Now Can handle heat up to 365 degrees while smoothening your hair. This means no exposure to heat. The hair gets straightened due to the widely spaced bristles and without losing volume similar to flat iron. Drybar - The Brush Crush Heated Straightening Brush – Buy Now Imagine this brush as a flat iron hybrid. It is fashioned like a paddle brush and uses ionic technology to get straight hair immediately. It also has a temperature control function that allows you to set the optimal heat for your hair. 5 Best Ways…

  • Top 3 cleansing brush you should buy now
    Top 3 cleansing brush you should buy now
    Hair Care

    Cleaning is one of the most critical steps of a skincare regimen. So a device capable of making cleansing more efficient can be a powerful tool for skincare. Typically, the brushes use a battery-operated motor, which moves the head of the brush in a repetitive motion. Some use a circular motion, while others move back and forth, but it's the bristles' repetitive motion combined with a cleanser that makes them work. Top 3 cleansing brush These brushes are one of the best ways to clean as they provide constant pressure, and many have timers than just using your hands. The brushes exfoliate so well that it is easier to absorb any skincare products which you apply after washing. But skin that's sensitive or aging may need a gentler approach. If your skin is irritated, a brush may not be the best choice. Startup Layoffs by Industry: Which Are Hit Hardest? Cleansing by Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush: Dermatologists developed the brush to serve all types of skin and give a gentle cleanse. The unique tapered head lets you target…

  • Blend in trend with plop curls
    Blend in trend with plop curls
    Hair Care

    I was once curious about how to get natural curls and hit the search button on the web. Dozens of comments poured in from women in their profile pictures with perfectly formed and bouncy curls, offering product reviews, words of encouragement, and, most importantly, an introduction into the wonderful world of plopping. While plopping is new to TikTok, it has been a hairstyle secret for over a decade. Plopping helps the hair to dry in a relaxed, undisturbed location, freeing the hair of its own weight as well as the extra weight of the water that tends to straighten out the wave patterns. Plopping is a heat-free curl-enhancing method to dry your hair. Hair, like the old-fashioned pin curl or roller sets, is held at a set position. But a lot more realistic. It lets you play on your own hairstyle and improve it. Mothers Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Sophisticated Style How to do it? First, clean and condition your hair. Then, place a wrap on a flat surface — a long sleeve t-shirt, pillowcase, or towel. Bend down, allow…

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