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  • Best hair color removers for erasing bad dye jobs
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    Best hair color removers for erasing bad dye jobs
    Hair Care

    Do you regret a dye job? You can never assure that your hair color turns out to be the same as you had planned. This could be a result of your trial at home or even in a beauty parlour. Your reasons can differ but ultimately, you are not happy with the result!  Kiya Wright, a celebrity hairstylist, recommends using products without harsh ingredients like ammonia or bleach and focuses on the gentleness of the products you choose! Ensure checking the “ingredients” and the “directions” because every product works on a different formula. To get the best results, follow the instructions as to how long can you keep the hair color, allowing the product to settle on your hair. Apply the hair color on your hair shafts in parts. Well, color is not a blanket fix! You might not get the original hair color precisely; however, the dye color may fade off.  Kiyah’s expertise and scrutinizing user reviews led us to some of the finest hair color removers. Before you check out the best products, you must be aware that…

  • Dyson’s high-tech hair-dryer is best for your hair
    Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
    Dyson’s high-tech hair-dryer is best for your hair
    Hair Care

    Grooming your hair has become a fashion. Without proper hair, your beauty remains incomplete. And to make your hair great, a good hair dryer is needed. Today we are going to tell you about such a hairdryer, which will definitely play an important role in making your hair beautiful. This high-tech blow-dryer belongs to Dyson Company. Let us tell you that Dyson invested $ 71 million in Supersonic four years after its arrival in the market. Worked on many projects, and more noticed that hairstyling classes continue. The company invented a hairdryer whose motor is three times lighter than one of the most hair dryers. And it is also easier to handle because it is less heavy. The dryer measures 20 times the air temperature. The temperature never exceeds 302 degrees. Resulting in no single scalp, more shine and less damage. It has four heat settings and three airflow settings. It is not only made of the material used in supersonic police riot shields but is literally supersonic of a tone from the apostle. This Dyson hairdryer is surprisingly light…