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  • What makes Goat milk soaps so Dope?
    What makes Goat milk soaps so Dope?
    Natural Skin Care

    An alternative to traditional soaps, goat milk soaps are equally effective and yet, less stripping and more gentle. Soap is a daily-use product to cleanse your body, face, and hands. Although soaps keep you clean, traditional ones are harsh, strip off the essential oils, and make your skin dry. However, goat milk soaps are way more beneficial with equal efficacy: Natural product with safe ingredients alongside milk as the main ingredient Comparatively more gentle with a more significant moisturizing effect Best for sensitive skin or people with skin diseases What are the safe ingredients? The primary ingredient: Goat Milk- It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, thus helping to repair and renew your skin. Shea Butter- Another ingredient rich in vitamins which offers an antibacterial effect thus prevents irritation of your skin. Cocoa Butter- The antioxidants and essential fatty acids in Shea butter contributes to reducing inflammation Olive Oil- Rich in vitamins, olive oil, is an excellent ingredient for moisturizing your skin Coconut Oil- Antioxidant-rich coconut oil works as a moisturizer to soften your skin. Palm oil- The antioxidant…

  • Organic Skin Care: Where to Start and What to Avoid
    Organic Skin Care: Where to Start and What to Avoid

    Take a stroll along any beauty or skin care aisle and you will be bombarded by products claiming that they are all-natural or organic. The high demand for organic skin care products had drive major skin care product and cosmetic producers to mass-produce. Unfortunately, while this seems like a good news, mass producing skin care products and cosmetics is not practical unless manufacturers use preservatives and other chemicals to increase the shelf like of their supposedly organic products. As such, care must be taken in choosing organic skin care products to ensure authenticity and quality. Here is a guide to help you in choosing authentic organic skin care products: Look for the USDA organic seal of approval The USDA has imposed several requirements for organic skin care products. Every product claiming to be organic must bear the USDA organic seal of approval. This means that the product has been tested and had met the quality standards set by the USDA for safety. The USDA sign means that the product and its components has passed tests conducted by the USDA for…

  • A Fruitful Skin Renewal
    A Fruitful Skin Renewal
    Natural Skin Care

    Imagine browsing through skin care aisles and finding that one, perfect product that boasts of all-natural ingredients. Serendipity, right? Then you go and read the label expecting to find a virtual salad but instead finding yourself reading benzoic acid, butyl stearate, and some totally unpronounceable names. You're no botanist but you're sure that those stuff don't grow on trees. This is because most commercial items meant for skin care nowadays contain preservatives and other chemicals to maintain their consistency and shelf life. Problem is, most of these chemicals can actually irritate more sensitive skin. What solution is there for this kind of crisis? Simple. Mix your own, homemade skin care line. There's nothing to it as most ingredients are found in your fridge or fruit basket. All-natural skin recipes are easily found in the Internet or even in magazines. Usually, these skin care mixes are composed of a combination of one or two fruits. Combinations like these can include either the fruit pulp, fruit juice, or both. Milk, water or honey are usually added to smoothen the mixture. Add-ons such…