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  • Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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    Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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    Ever feel you never have enough time? Maybe you've been feeling more tired, too. You probably know that stress and sleep deprivation can increase the risk for chronic health problems like hypertension, but you might not know why. Depression and anxiety are common in the pandemic. There is a concurrent increase in chronic fatigue, old age and autoimmunity. There seems to be a genetic predisposition to be susceptible to these conditions as people age. Could our society and our environment be creating something larger than ourselves? Could modern-day expectations of how much we need to work and how much we need to sleep develop too many people's physical and emotional health problems? The study says that around 20% of women and 11% of men feel tired In the past three months. The extreme tiredness is due to medical conditions and daily activities. How to Not Be Tired? In this article, I have mentioned ten reasons why you feel tired and how you could feel energetic again. Too much stress When you take too much stress, then your body produces cortisol.…

  • 14 Dermatologists’ Skincare Tips to Get Clear Skin
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    14 Dermatologists’ Skincare Tips to Get Clear Skin

    We've been unkind, harsh, and even punishing in our pursuit of flawless skin. It turns out that scrubbing, rubbing, and picking at our faces isn't good for our skin. Dermatologists are now advising us to include more kindness in our skincare routines to achieve cleaner skin. The dermatologists tell how to attain skin clarity once and for all, from products to habits. Dermatologists' Skincare Tips Cleanse your face with a brush Cleansing your skin takes off more debris, bacteria and heals your skin. Cleaning brushes shed off the skin's surface, making it feel and look softer and smoother. Make sure you're using an acne-specific gadget. Some bristles are too harsh, causing irritation and redness. Do not use any face wash! The dermatologist recommends using a gentle cleanser made specifically for acne-prone skin despite the natural desire to zap zits. It is contradictory. However, any cleaner that extracts the skin's natural oils might cause an increase in oil production, which cause acne. It's also an excellent option to wash your face twice a day to remove dirt, debris, and sweat in the…

  • 15 Beauty Products That Blew Up Tiktok This Year
    15 Beauty Products That Blew Up Tiktok This Year
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    Many of us use TikTok to explore new trends. In 2021, a slew of TikTok makeup items, as well as skincare, hair care, and everything else beauty, swept the platform, effectively challenging the way many of us approached our daily routines. You know it must be authentic when anything gets viral since honesty and transparency are fundamental principles pumping through the Gen Z–dominated app. A product that isn't worth your money will not receive the TikTok stamp of approval. We listened to what the youth had to say, and we've compiled a list of all the beauty products that took the platform by storm this year. 15 Beauty Products That Blew Up Tiktok This Year The TikTok makeup, skincare, and hair items that became viral in 2021 are listed here - Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil Buy now The perfect pout can make or break any makeup look, and this year TikTok was obsessed with the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil—for the shine and kissable flush of colour on the lips. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand Buy now Thanks to Gen…