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  • Switch to a new skin care routine from summer to fall
    Switch to a new skin care routine from summer to fall
    Skin Care

    You already have your skincare routine and items that you have always used. Your skin always changes as the season changes. Just as you amend your summer flip flops to boots for fall, you should change and modify your skincare routine and items to keep your skin healthy. Here are a few ways to do this. Use a denser moisturizer: Bid farewell to the lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that you slathered during the summer. The time has come for a heavier hydrating moisturizer to be bulked. Heavy cream from ceramides is the healthy and stable fatty acids naturally present in the skin but have to be refilled during the colder months. You might apply a slightly thicker or more translucent moisturizer to improve your skin if you find lots of dryness. Start using body lotion: When summer moisture ceases, the skin can feel dry and itchy, as air moisture is slightly lower. Want to avoid the itch the most comfortable way? Apply body lotion from head to toe to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Moisturizers also provide a sturdy barrier on…

  • Waterless cosmetics: A step towards sustainable future
    Waterless cosmetics: A step towards sustainable future
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    The conversation of waterlessness in 2020 is at the forefront because water consumption remains a crucial component of sustainable development. Water is one of the beauty products' most popular ingredients. This is well-known for its particular properties that dissolve solid or gaseous hydro soluble materials. It is used as a solvent or to boost the quality and propagation of the product. A tiny amount of water gives the product a smoother, mixed texture against the heavy balsams and butter on the market. However, water still has its equal proportion of problems that impact our bodies and the world as a whole. As a result, the industry is swept away by a new wave of waterless beauty — beauty goods without water. Most products are today designed to be cost-effective and durable. Water is often employed as filler in this regard because it is cheap and prevents contamination. It is also, however, a breeding ground for pathogens. It's just a fact — there are bacteria, too, where there's water. Without adding preservatives that kill bacteria and reduce microbial growth, the water-rich…

  • Tips On How To Have A Proper Exfoliation
    Tips On How To Have A Proper Exfoliation
    Skin Care

    Complete Guide To Exfoliation Exfoliation may not be a new word to your ears, just one of those things you shy away from doing! You may have read or watched all the goodness that comes with exfoliation, but you still haven’t got the push you need to start! Well, you are missing out on one of the secrets to beautiful skin! Exfoliation is simply removing dead skin cells from your skin. There are over the counter products you can use, but there are also common household items you can use. Scientists have revealed that the human skin naturally gets rid of dead skin cells on an average of 30 days but sometimes these dead cells may not shed completely leaving room for clogged pores and dry flaky patches and let's face it if we left it to nature to have its way that would mean we only get to rejuvenate our skin approximately 11- 12 times a year so what happens in between.  This would explain why solutions had to be found. You may be asking, how exactly does exfoliation…