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  • Our Top Tips for Banishing Strawberry Legs
    Our Top Tips for Banishing Strawberry Legs

    Have you noticed small red bumps on your legs, back, or upper arms? Do they look a little like goosebumps but are there permanently? If so, you might have a condition known as keratosis pillars (KP). Colloquially, the condition is regarded as strawberry legs or chicken skin. Below are some of our tips on how to achieve smooth, bump-free skin you can be proud of. Somewhere between 40-50% of people suffer from KP, so you’re certainly not alone! Even so, it is still a condition that is widely misdiagnosed. This makes it particularly difficult to eliminate, with people erroneously thinking that it’s hives, acne, or shaving irritation. We would go as far as to say that KP is one of the most challenging conditions a dermatologist can be faced with, as it’s so common and tough to treat. That being said, you can do something about it if it’s correctly diagnosed in the first place.   Keratosis pilaris explained KP is a condition that occurs as a result of the build-up of retained keratin. Keratin, which is a common protein…

  • 10 Best Peptide Creams For Complete Skincare
    Peptide creams
    10 Best Peptide Creams For Complete Skincare
    Skin Care

    Have you heard about peptides? It is a must anti-aging for smoothing, healing, and moisturizing skin, but do you know what a peptide is and how it works for the skin? Whether it is worth spending money to have it as one of the main ingredients in your skincare? As per two eminent dermatologists, the quick answer is yes. They have explained how peptides act, what they are doing for your skin and body, how to obtain more peptides, and the finest peptide-infused skincare formulas to seek in this article. Finest Peptide Creams do you want to use peptides to make a lot of difference? Below are our best options for enhancing collagen and improving your skincare routine. Eminence Organic Skin Care Marine Flower Peptide Night Cream Buy Here This night moisturizer is high in hydration and employs plant power to moisturize and contour your skin as you sleep. Botanical peptides obtained from rice help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles skin, whereas blue-green algae ingredient functions as a natural retinoid to boost the anti-aging properties of this…

  • This is how you heal a damaged skin!
    Morning Routine
    This is how you heal a damaged skin!
    Skin Care

    What is Skin Barrier? How does it work? The skin is composed of multiple layers and the skin barrier is the outer layer. There are 2 functions of the barrier skin. They are as follows – To provide natural oil to the skin. Also, nourish and moisturize them. To protect the skins from environmental pollutants. When the skin barrier is damaged, it causes dullness and flakiness to the skin. What damages the skin barrier?  The skin barrier gets damaged when the lipids break down. Lipid is responsible for moisturising and nourishing the skin. Several factors can lead to the damaging of the skin barrier and some of them are – genetics, ageing and environment. Although these factors are beyond our control. Yet, some factors can be controlled. Some of them are as follows:- Beauty tips that will keep your skin at its best in the Lockdown Hot or cold water damages the skin cells Always use lukewarm water. When the water is too cold, it will not remove the dust and germ of the body. If it is too hot,…