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Create a Tradition with the Best Christmas Ornaments
Create a Tradition with the Best Christmas Ornaments
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So, you got the perfect tree for Christmas and now the most interesting process is ahead. You can only imagine in how many different ways your main holiday green symbol could be decorated. And not only green! Now it is not something new to see blue, white, and even red Christmas trees. And decorations also could be very different.

But a classic is a classic. You can use various adornments from different materials, however, blown glass ornaments are a necessary element of tree decoration. Came from childhood, they are always relevant for each Christmas tree’s style and will be great among lights, dried fruits, and garland.

Christmas tree decoration is a tradition that is unique to each family. The main purpose of it is your family’s memories and emotions. So, if your Christmas symbol looks for someone a little tasteless, it doesn’t make it true.

There is no strict rule about the number of ornaments. You can be a fan of minimalism, while others love to combine assorted pieces. Start from the topper, put there a sparkling star, a beautiful angel, or flowers and move down. Here are a few best practices for such a great process.

Add lights

Actually, it should be the first step of decoration. Start to wrap the Christmas tree with lights from the top and don’t be shy to use as much as you want. There couldn’t be too much beauty.

Let it go if needed

If each ornament from your collection is unique and has a story and every year you buy a few new preciouses, then you need one more tree or you should leave something in a box. You don’t betray them, you just leave them for the next year.

Choose a color scheme

The previous situation is close to you? So here is a solution. If you have many decorations, that couldn’t be placed on one Christmas tree, then you could use some of them randomly or create color groups. With a specific color scheme, your Christmas symbol will be very stylish.

Original garlands?

Garlands are the next layer after ornaments. And if you have an interesting idea regarding them, then go ahead. Do not limit yourself only to a simple decoration, create a handmade one. It could be from candies, popcorn, or anything you want.

Final touches

Ornaments and garlands are there, lights are on and gaps have been filed. It is a time for the last touches. If you have a special family glass ornament, or you want to add some snow do it now. But be careful – the less is more. Do not make a mess of your Christmas tree

Pick only high-quality blown glass ornaments and keep them carefully, and you may create something special for your family. Just imagine your future great-grandson or granddaughter, that pull out of the box an old and unique Christmas ornament and say “And this one was bought by our grandfather for our grandmother for their first Christmas”. Use the chance to create your own family tradition and make your winter holidays full of joy and beauty. 

Photo by Jess Bailey

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