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Do This to Solve Makeup Allergy
makeup allergy
Do This to Solve Makeup Allergy
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It has rightly been said that “makeup is an art,” an art so influential that it can give you the exact amount of confidence you need. Using makeup not only boosts our faith but also makes us feel good about ourselves. You probably think more pretty after wearing it. Everyone has insecurities about their skin. Using makeup just reminds you that you can overcome them. But just like everything, even makeup products can be hazardous if not used within a limit. Wearing makeup in a limit is good but wearing heavy coats of foundation, concealer and highlighters suffocates the skin and can also give rise to makeup allergies which will prevent you from using any makeup. Makeup enhances your beauty. Everyone out there reading this is pretty, but using makeup can prove to be pretty powerful sometimes. Do you wear a lot of makeup very frequently? Have you started noticing some side effects of using makeup? Are you already allergic to cosmetics? Are you fed up with not being able to use makeup and feel confident like others? If your answer were yes to any of these questions, we would highly recommend you continue reading our article.

Firstly, let us make you clear with the concept of “makeup allergies.” Usually, it is challenging to prevent makeup allergies mainly because it is next to impossible to determine which ingredient is the cause of the allergy. Also, there are many chances that you will know you are allergic to a product when you give it the first try. In the first go only you will experience the side effects. But there are many cases where people keep on using the product for years and do not experience any side effects, and then suddenly, one day, they use the product and become allergic to it. Usually, allergies’ common symptoms or side effects are skin allergies, irritation, red bumps, itching, dry patches, blisters, and pain.

Treat and prevent makeup allergies 

Let us take a situation here to help you know what to do if you are unfamiliar with the already existing allergies to your skin. Even if you do not experience severe redness but just a burning sensation or itchiness after using a makeup product, it is also highly advised to wash your skin repeatedly with clear water and rid yourself of the product. Make sure that the skin does not come in contact with it afterward. If you experience severe pain, redness, itchiness or burning, which is unbearable to control, then you can put an ice cube to use. Rub it over the affected area until you feel some relief or a positive change in the situation. 

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Make sure to test the beauty products beforehand. You can use it on a small area of the skin before using it on the entire skin. Here are the beauty products you need to be very careful about- moisturizers, makeup products, bath soaps, antiperspirants, sunscreen, shampoos, long-wearing lip stains, nail polish, and fingernail glue.

You may not be allergic to any makeup products you already have but still experience itchiness after using any of them. A significant reason can be that you kept them stored in your closet for a long passage of time. There are a lot of chances the product has crossed its expiration date. Old makeup products can be terrible for the skin. So, if you have them stored, get rid of them immediately, no matter how expensive they are. 

In case you already have allergic skin, then try to look for makeup products that have a fewer number of ingredients in them because there is comparatively a less probability that you will be allergic to it because more are the ingredients in the product more are the chances that you could be allergic to it. 

Make sure to do a patch test no matter how expensive the product is or how good the reputation is because your skin does not take these factors into account when talking of allergies. Just use a small amount of the product on the inside of your neck and wait for two days or so because it may take time for the allergy to actually show up on the skin, even though usually the timeline is a few hours. 

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When using perfumes, make sure to apply the scent on your clothes, not your skin, thus preventing yourself from any potential allergies. Just a tiny reminder that the products where things like “dermatologically tested” or “hypoallergenic” is written does not mean that there is a certainty that your skin would not reciprocate badly when it is used. Usually, all this indicates that these products can be applied to sensitive skin in most cases. But even this does not mean that you should not conduct a patch test because you definitely should no matter what the product is. 

If you have already gotten an allergy, try to avoid creams containing cortisone because these creams are not suitable for the skin, especially those that are allergic to makeup products. These creams may be successful in providing temporary relief, but the long-term effect is terrible. These creams weaken the skin tissues. 

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 Avoid these toxic ingredients to prevent allergies

 You need to be very careful while choosing makeup products for your skin. Always read the list of ingredients carefully and research a bit about the ingredients. Try to explore more about them on the internet. You can even contact a skin specialist to understand the usage, benefits and disadvantages of using the particular ingredient on the skin. In a nutshell, we would like to say that all you need to do is be careful when choosing the right makeup ingredients for your skin because they have a compelling impact on your skin. 

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