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Indoors or Outdoors, EltaMD saves your day!
EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen
Indoors or Outdoors, EltaMD saves your day!
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EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen




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  • The sunscreens by EltaMD are mineral-based, formulated with zinc oxide, and thus safe for sensitive skin and relatively more stable.
  • The broad-spectrum fights light emitted from screens alongside sunlight.
  • EltaMD sunscreens are all-rounders as they are beneficial for all skin types and offer a wide range of custom products.


  • The sunscreen might not be moisturizing and takes time to get absorbed in acne-prone skin.
  • Initially, it imparts dryness and tightness until the skin gets used to the lighter formula.
  • The product could be expensive, relatively.

Have you ever applied any sunscreen while staying at home? EltaMD’s UV Clear Broad-spectrum is a cult-favorite and light-weight sunscreen. Be it dermatologists or celebrities; everyone is attracted to this summer essential sunscreen by EltaMD. It is claimed to be a game-changing sunscreen that deserves the spotlight.

Why is social media buzzing about the EltaMD sunscreen?

EltaMD’s UV Clear Broad-Spectrum is like a luxury serum, and you can use it alongside other beauty products. Moreover, you can apply make-up on top of it, and the product is useful for all skin types. The fact that it is an all-skin-type friendly product is the most vital benefit because most sunscreens leave a white cast. In contrast, this UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 by EltaMD is among the very few mineral sunscreens that do not turn your face grey or leave any residue. Users say that when they apply every morning, the effect is very natural, and it feels like they are not wearing anything. This product is the ultimate solution to break out from every possible sunblock.

Variety in the EltaMD sunscreen Family is the USP

People with oily skin are relatively more prone to breakouts. If a random cream is used, it can clog the pores, and you can end up in pimples galore. Nevertheless, you need not worry if you have the UV Clear Formula. UV Clear by EltaMD is recommended for acne-prone or sensitive skin because it has lactic acid, which is highly beneficial as an AHA exfoliant. Lactic acid dissolves dead skill cells by self-breakdown and hence works as an exfoliant. Moreover, this product has helped users fight skin congestion and deal with hyperpigmentation. However, if you are among the ones with a drier skin type, EltaMD has UV Daily SPF 40. It has Hyaluronic acid and transparent zinc oxide. More sensitive skin-type can use the water-resistant and oil-free UV Elements SPF 44. It is also recommended for post-procedure skin.

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Now it’s time to tell you why we asked you if you have ever applied sunscreen while you are in your house’s shade!

People face various pigmentation-issues like melisma, and it gets worse while they are inside. Well, working from home, in front of the desktop or laptop screens, and consistently using our smartphones, the blue and infrared light can cause skin-inflammation. The mineral in the sunscreens by EltaMD can protect from light that causes inflammation. Moreover, the sunlight through the windows can reflect on metals and mirrors. Therefore, applying this sunscreen inside is highly beneficial.

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How to use it?

Apply the sunscreen in the morning after you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. If your skin is acne-prone, skip the moisturizer and go for EltaMD sunscreen to keep your skin hydrated. A second-time-application in the afternoon is recommended. However, if you are outdoors, apply every two hours!

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