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Best Eyelash Extension Glue – The Secret Ingredient for Big Long Beautiful Eyelashes
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Best Eyelash Extension Glue – The Secret Ingredient for Big Long Beautiful Eyelashes
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Several lash extension types of glue are available in the market. This article will discuss the best lash extension glue available for all budget types that suits sensitive skin.

Eyelash extensions Glue

The eyes are among the most beautiful part of our body, and to enhance their beauty, we apply kajal, liner, eyeshadow, and Eyelash extensions. When I heard from one of my friends that we could use extensions for our eyelashes, I was a bit scared to use them, as eyes are sensitive, and we think twice before using any products.

However, I have tried various eyelash extensions, a few of them turned out to be the worst products I have used, and a few of them turned out to be the best lash extension glue.

About Eyelash extensions

These extensions are individual synthetic hair/natural strands made of semi-permanent fibre, which we glue to our natural Eyelashes to make them look thicker and darker. It gives your eyes a brighter look without you using mascara or any other eye makeup.

Talking about applying Eyelash extension glue, it is a straightforward process to take the extension, dip it in the glue, and apply it to the eyelashes. Make sure to use small bead glue in the extensions, as this is how we apply extensions to our eyelashes.

The most important thing to do here is select the best eyelash extension glue that suits your skin type and is affordable. We have researched the best Eyelash extension glue suitable for all skin types and recommended by most consumers, which are available at the best price in the market.

Further, we will discuss the five best lash extension glue, which the users and the experts recommend after doing a considerable amount of testing. 

The five best Eyelash extension glues available on the market

We have selected these extension glues keeping all your needs in mind, like one for sensitive skin/eye, in the budget, for all time use, etc. All the suggested products are of premium quality.

Sophie & Lori Sensitive & Extra Strong Eye-lash Extension Glue

It offers high-quality lash glue which stays up to eight weeks without falling out. It is affordable and worthy of buying. The fantastic quality of these lashes is that they dry out very quickly. If you want to go out to any professional meeting or for a trip, you can use these lashes as they will not take much time to apply and get dry without any traces.

We always look for products that are organic and non-harmful, and the ingredients are what make any product A-one. And according to the experts, the chemicals used to make this product 100% non-irritating for sensitive eyes are cruelty-free and contain no mineral oil and parabens.

It perfectly blends with your lashes and looks like a natural hair strand. Weather doesn’t matter here; you can wear your eyelashes even under the salty sea, and in any weather conditions, it perfectly holds the extensions on your lashes for a long time. It is salon tested worldwide, and it has proven to be one of the best lash extension glue.

Stacy Lash Extra Strong Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

One second of drying time and seven weeks of retention power gives a seamless look with brighter eyelashes. It doesn’t stick and has non-irritating property, with no unpleasant smell when applied on the lashes, making it more convenient for people with oily skin. It is latex-free, which prevents any skin irritations and allergies.

You can wear these lashes for any event, whether personal or professional, as they have excellent retention power and work in the humidity of 70-75 degrees.

It is affordable too as it costs 3,199 Rupees and is currently available in all the online stores, you can go for it. It comes in a small bottle with exquisite packaging, which keeps the product fresh for one to two months, and it contains five millilitres of extension glue in the bottle. The size of the bottle depends; it is available in various sizes and amounts.

The ingredients used are verified and proven the best lash extension glue for advanced lash extension stylists.

Venus Visage Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

These lashes are only for professional users who use them on their clients and salons. It provides seven to eight weeks of retention power, and the drying time is one second. It is non-sticky and works with every weather condition.

It is formaldehyde and latex-free; hence avoid allergies and infection in the eyes also low fumes for the sensitive eyes. Tested by the experts and meets the ISO standards.

The cost is affordable, starting with the price of 1673 rupees. Venus visage brand is concerned more about the quality service and products; they ensure to deliver quality products at a suitable price and offer 24/7 customer service to help their consumers worldwide.

Lonris Premium Eyelash Extension Glue

It is another premium quality best lash extension glue professionals can have. It poses seven to eight weeks of retention quality and dries within two seconds. It is strongly adhesive, which supports a high volume of extensions.

It can withstand a temperature of 80-degree F, is versatile, and can be used in any weather condition. People looking for bold and dramatic eyelashes can go for it. And yes, it is free of formaldehyde and latex.

Forabeli Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue

The extension glue technicians certified a lash extension glue and are standard ISO approved. It is one of the best lash extension glue worldwide in terms of quality. Formaldehyde and latex-free with proclaims compatible products used in product making.

With eight weeks of retention power, it offers drying of the extension glue within two seconds—excellent adhesiveness and non-sticky.

Forabeli brand focuses more on quality than quantity. It is available in the market in 5 millilitres of the bottle with excellent packaging, which keeps it fresh, and has excellent pricing of 1,520 rupees. This brand offers 100% return if consumers are not satisfied with the product; it is the best recommended for advanced-level lash extension technicians.

Things to remember

You must know a few things before you use any extension glue. The glue should be free of latex and formaldehyde because these two ingredients cause skin irritation and allergies.

Check the packaging and chemicals used in the product making. Ensure that you apply the glue on the closed eyes and prevent it from getting heated; places the bottle should be placed in the refrigerator and shake well before use.

Ensure that the cap is tightly closed; otherwise, it may lose its viscosity. Therefore, diminishing the life of the glue.


I have meticulously checked the products suggested above and recommended the best lash extension glue available in the market for all types of consumers. Check the ingredients used in the creation and ensure that they were free from formaldehyde and latex, which makes all these above products free from any allergies and irritation.

I would always suggest you check the brand and ingredients before buying any product; don’t go with the packaging. A few basic chemicals should not be there in the extension glues, like checking the fume level of the product you want to purchase as it is not suitable for sensitive eyes.

Today, all the brands and companies headed toward making the best lash extension glues; make sure that they get the advanced lash extension technicians to test their products and are chemical-free. As the products we use for eyes are susceptible, it is always carefully tested and then brought into the market for the consumers.

Note: Professionals on clients use the above-recommended products. Make sure to close your Eye while you apply the extension glue.

We have come to an end of this article and possibly shared all the information related to the best lash extension glue products. Please comment and share your experience and concerns; we would love to hear.

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