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Here are the fantastic ways to look younger
Here are the fantastic ways to look younger
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Who doesn’t want to retain a youthful face? Though you’ve heard people saying, “What is age but just a number?” …. Is it so? It has to be admitted that since change is the only constant, embracing our changes with advancement in age is the prudent thing to do. Anyways, there is practically no harm to condition your skin and retain the youth in your look. So keep flaunting your looks and let others guess your age. Here is a list of some unique ways by which you can prove that age is nothing but a number.

Transform Your Look with Those Gorgeous Lashes

Aging results in the loss of hair lashes. You start to lose those dense, beautiful lashes of yours. Looking younger and giving depth to your eyes, curling the lashes, or applying mascara to it is a lovely idea. Your eyes will no longer seem to be drooping. Besides, these will make your eyes appear larger, thus enhancing the beauty of your face. To apply the mascara in the most suitable way possible, start applying from the roots of the lashes. Now, twitch the mascara wand and keep moving upward through the tips. Finally, for enhancing the look, use it to the outer corners of the eyes. To get this look, purchase a good quality mascara and curler.

Create the Illusion of Thick Lashes 

With aging, the lashes become thin. By thickening the lashes or creating an illusion, you can get a youthful look on your face. Also, by lining the upper waterline of your eye, your face will look fuller and younger. Take your eyeliner pencil. With it, fill the inside of the upper eyelash line and the empty spaces between the lashes. Try to fill as many blank spaces as you can to get a gorgeous look.

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Make your smile attractive with those glistening white teeth

Yellowed and stained teeth don’t give a good impression and may make you look aged. Start using an excellent mouth-rinsing solution or toothpaste to get teeth as white as pearls. Take care of your teeth, for no one looks good without that sweet smile pasted on one’s face.

Make your tresses look shiny and lovely

Who wants those dull and damaged tresses? These make you look pretty aged. Condition your hair; use a good hair cleanser and a conditioner. Rinse your hair well with these. Applying a hair mask weekly is also a good idea. As a result, your hair shafts get nourished and adds to the sheen of your tresses.

Choose the shampoos and conditioners best suited for your hair-type!

Include fats that rejuvenate you from within in your diet

To get super soft, smooth, and glam skin, consume foods that contain healthy fats. These include pumpkin seeds, olive oil, avocado, and walnuts. Salmon is also a good food item that is rich in healthy fats. Make sure you are consuming the required number of seeds and nuts as these are equally beneficial to have pleasing skin and look young. So, what are you waiting for? Go, update your grocery list today!

Cut down on alcohol consumption

Choose what you want- to look young or to satiate your drinking pleasures. Try to limit your alcohol consumption as your skin gets dehydrated and makes you look puffy. Sadly, a bloated face makes you look pretty aged. Even if you wish to drink, do so less frequently. Here’s an excellent tip for you! If you want to have something, go for red wine to keep your heart in good condition. Also, make it a habit of drinking only occasionally.

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Give attention to your hands too!

Yes, your face indeed deserves attention! But, don’t miss out on taking care of your hands. With advancing age, the palm of your hands become way too rough due to a lack of moisturization and nourishment. To make your hands soft and adequately nourished, apply lotions having glycerine to keep them hydrated.

Ensure you are sleeping well

To look fresh and young, sleeping for a sufficient period is very important. Suppose you don’t sleep well; you know the consequences. Will you like those dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness to make you look aged? No, right?  Lack of sleep triggers cortisol release that leads to a disintegration of collagen in your skin. On the other hand, when you have a good rest, Human Growth Hormone is released that aids you in cell turnover. Therefore, you must sleep for 7 to 8 hours straight every night. To prevent the wrinkles and lines on your face become more pronounced, always sleep on your back and not keeping your face down.

Curb salt consumption a bit

While salt consumption is essential for the proper regulation of nerve impulses in our body, make sure that you don’t consume it in excess. Overconsumption of salt leads to more excellent water retention in your face and thus gives you a bloated face making you look aged. To curb salt consumption, replace salt in recipes with black pepper powder, onion, or garlic powder. Or, you can combine these three salts in the recipe that you’re preparing.

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Wear Bright-coloured Outfits

With aging, our skin loses color and turns pale. Putting on light-colored clothes will make you look all the more washed-out. Upgrade your wardrobe and wear outfits of pink, blue, orange, etc.


Armed with the new ideas, start inviting the recent changes in your life. Watch yourself growing youthful each passing day!

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