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Fashion Tips and Trends for 40+ Ladies
Fashion Tips and Trends for 40+ Ladies
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Being a 40 and above woman doesn’t automatically mean an end to your desire to stay fashionable and try out different styles. It only means that your style options might have to change to accommodate your growth. It’s everyone’s desire to age gracefully, the reason why many invest in expensive anti-aging skin-caring regimens.  But do you know your fashion sense also contributes to just how alluring you look as you age? Maybe you do…maybe not.

Whenever you feel confused about wearing that spandex or just feel more relieved with some fashion tips and trends for 40 plus women at your fingertips, this guide will be your best friend.


With aging come features like wrinkles and fine lines. While a turtleneck is a fashion staple that never goes old, it’s also ideal for covering up imperfections of the neck area while drawing attention to the face.


Credit: Fabulousafter40


Neutral tones and softer colors will give you a classic and graceful aura – try lavender.  However, this does not in any way invalidate the voguish effects of other colors.  Go fierce whenever in red or iconic in gold, knowing that you will always have your softer shades to fall back on when everything else fails.

Softer Shillouettes

Credit: 40+ style(40plusstyle)


Coordinated ensembles are perfect for anyone and everyone as long as they are styled to fit. At a loss of what to wear to work on a Monday morning? Go for matching suits and pants, or personalize your style by recreating your two-piece with what you have in your wardrobes – pants and skirts with a blazer and whatnot.

Two piece set

Credit: WhoWhatWear


It’s not fashion-appropriate for your style-spirations to be way younger or a lot older than you. Getting style inspirations from celebrities or models in their 20’s should be the concern of those in the same age bracket and not ladies above. There are many iconic looks from 40 and above celebrities and if you want to continually turn heads even as you age, then check them out.


The days of exposing some cleavages and putting it all out there are finally over – don’t worry, there are other options to show off how sexy you are. Off-the-shoulder dresses that show off your clavicle instead of your cleavages are the next go-to for you.  Pieces with plunging necklines will do just fine after hours in your bedroom. Winks!


Credit: Getty Images


You can still look hip and pass off a street style vibe without adorning depressed and bleached jeans. Dark-colored denims are more mature-looking and will not interfere with your classy and chic feel.


Credit: Pinterest


No! No minis. You can show off your long, long sexy legs without going for “too short.” Stocking up with midis and ankle-length ensembles should be on your bucket list as you approach the big 4-0 and above. You don’t want to seem like you’re in competition with ladies in their 20s and below, now do you? Guess not.


Credit: Bestlifeonline


Yes, you are getting “old,” but that doesn’t mean you lose your sense of style. You still need to look good and feel confident in what you wear. One way to score this is by wearing clothing that flatters and suit your body. Pair your tights and skinnies with looser tops. Dress to fit your body type and shape, avoid cheap clothing and inferior fabrics, and instead go for clothing pieces that are guaranteed to last long and stay timeless.


Credit: Pinterest


Aging gracefully is all-encompassing – beauty and fashion inclusive – and when the age-induced changes come, you need to up your fashion preference game. The good news is that you can do this with the tips and trends above without missing out on being voguish or a la mode. The next time you go shopping or want to try a fashion haul, have these in mind, and you will turn out OK.

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