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Five non-Ingestible CBD brands found by Women
Five non-Ingestible CBD brands found by Women
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As per the survey, one out of three Americans has tried CBD. But are you aware of the fact that the way CBD is taken makes a big difference in finding out if it will work or not?

Popping in a few gummies may look a fun way to work some CBD. But there are studies that show only 6% of the cannabinoids (stress-reducing) make it through the digestive system of human body and then into the endocannabinoid system.

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How about you try one of these alternatives –

FAVOUR (gum) – Buy Here

The favor was founded by a mother-daughter duo Gigi and Jamie Grimstad and their family friend Margaret Luce. They all discovered CBD’s power in different ways, but when it came to combining them, they all concluded making a gummy due to its ease of access and steadfastness. According to Jamie, Favour is not that menacing for the first time CBD users, as chewing gum is something everyone has done before. Each gum contains 10mg of CBD in its cool-mint flavored tablet. It works as a tincture, but the difference is you don’t have to hold it under your tongue to get it engrossed. Just chewing it usually will help you to get the benefits. One should carefully consume these gummies as per their recommended dose.

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Brown Girl Jane (GLOW luminous Facial Cream) – Buy Here

Wall Street‘s trading executive Malaika Jones Kebede was so busy that she didn’t have time for her back injury. It happened when she probed for a holistic treatment for her back injury; she realized that CBD was healing her back and significantly affecting her beauty routine. It was then when she found Brown Girl Jane with her sisters Nia Jones and Tai Beauchamp. The brand’s multitasking smolder oil is made with only Broad-Spectrum CBD oil and Cannabis Sativa oil. It is a good hydrator for your skin and can be used as a tincture to get the cooling effect.

Mello Bottoms (CBD Suppositories) – Buy Here

Boronia Fallshaw, the founder of Mello Bottoms, asserts that CBD is something she would counsel for pain management and arousal and intimacy. Be it any pain in women. The size of these suppositories can be weighed against that of a knuckle. Don’t judge them for their small size; they are super compelling and fast-paced. But they are not for just localized pain- your whole body will feel chills one gets from CBD products. There’s 75 mg of full-spectrum CBD per suppository. The pack comes with five suppositories that can be placed on your top shelf.

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Buena Botanicals (bath bombs) – Buy Here

Coral and Rah Hines got immersed in CBD because of their family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical conditions. It happened because of a chance meeting with a farmer and some gifted oil that led to CBD research. This research became triumphant as Buena Botanicals was born. But because the sisters belonged to a black background, they had to face many exertions. The Florida-based company also runs a Dream Defender program, where they endow with bail funds to people of color and anti-policing. The bath bomb is a palm-sized super relaxer that has to be dropped in a steamy bath. The skin soaks up the 30mg organic broad-spectrum CBD, while its soothing aroma surrounds you.

Ellis Brooklyn (Marvelous CBD Massage and Body Oil) – Buy Here

Bee Shapiro, a beauty journalist, combined CBD’s natural scent with other corresponding scents; thus, this body oil was created. Shapiro stated that she had seen countless brands using a large amount of CBD in their product, which caused the product to reek; this paved the way for creating the oil that soothes the skin and gives a delicate scent.


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