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Get instant healthy skin with right order of skin care products!
Get instant healthy skin with right order of skin care products!
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Are you tired of having dull skin? Do you feel conscious about your skin? If you said yes, then I have done little research for you to get that healthy-looking skin. Before diving into which product one should apply, one should know the right order of the skincare product. So, that one gets the best results.

Why do you need to apply skincare products in the right order?

There are multiple skincare products with different ingredients. However, the problem is that our skin does not absorb all the product. The skin only absorbs ingredients in a small quantity. So, we need to apply products in the right order.

101 Skincare Routine

  • According to a dermatologist, one must apply products slowly as the skin takes time to absorb these ingredients. It is advised to wait for 5 to 30 minutes before applying the next product. If you have to apply multiple products on your skin then wait for at least 1 minute before applying another product.
  • Remember that your skin is unique and have different needs. So, look at the ingredients well before applying them to your skin. There is no such thing as one size fit all cream.

 How to layer the skincare products to get the best results?

 A good thumb of rule is that apply the product based on its thickness so that all the ingredients get absorbed. Another thing is that you can layer the skincare product based on their key ingredient – For example – you can apply antioxidants first. Then apply emollients and humectants in moisturizer.

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Your Day cream routine


 Start your day by washing your skin thoroughly or you can clean your skin by using a cleanser. It is essential to do that so that we can remove all the dirt that was sticking on our faces. One of the big reasons for getting acne is due to dirty skin.


 Toner has a bad reputation of being harsh on the skin. However, in the current times, toner has multiple usages. It functions as a delivery system for Vitamin- B derivatives, antioxidants and toning acid. In the cosmetic world, there are multiple kinds of toner. So, now it is your responsibility to choose a toner that is suitable for your skin. Toner is made to balance the pH of the skin. The dermatologist also says that it is not mandatory to use toner. If you are not comfortable with it. You can apply a cleanser as it works much like a toner.

Antioxidant Serum

 The serum is a composition of super-concentrated nutrients which is meant to solve your skin problem. These serums combat UV radiation and pollutant.

Eye Cream

 Dermatologists suggest wearing eye cream as our under eyes are very delicate and they need special attention. It is advised to apply under eye cream every night so that our under does not look dull, tired and puffy. To get the best result, one should start applying under eye cream from their 20s and regularly. It is also suggested to wear sunglasses while going out or wear sunscreen. As the radiation can lead to wrinkling of the under eyes.

Acne Spot treatment

 A common acne treatment prescribed by the dermatologist is strength benzoyl peroxide. It works for 1 to 3 hours. It is advised to not apply all over the face as it can dry out your skin easily.

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 Our body produces oil that moisturizes our skin. However, it is essential to apply moisturizer as it protects the skin from pollutants, chemicals and infections. It is advised by the dermatologist to wear moisturizer after washing our face. If you are applying the acne spot cream, you can skip this step.

Wear Sunscreen

 It is advisable to wear sunscreen in any skincare routine. It often happens that when you apply moisturizer before sunscreen, the ingredients get hindered and delay skin protection. If you apply sunscreen before moisturizer then it is of no use. The dermatologist recommends using a sunscreen that has zinc ingredients. As it is safe and effective.

Nighttime skincare routine

Double your cleansing process

Before going to sleep it often happens that our skin picks up dirt and pollution from everywhere. So our skin is the dirtiest before going to sleep. That is why it is recommended to use a cleanser and wash your face thoroughly.

Toners, Essence and Boosters

 After double cleansing, your skin apply. Apply toner as it balances the pH of your skin. If you want to apply essence and booster, then apply it after the toner to get the best results. Again follow the general rule of thumb – from thinnest to thickest layer.

Protect your under eyes

 This step is mandatory because your under eyes skin is delicate than the rest of your body. So, you need to protect yours under your eyes.

Treatment, serum and peels

 The dermatologist says that too many skincare products can irritate your skin. So, if you wish you can skip this product. However, if you are going to apply some products you need to consider a few things-

  1. Only choose one between prescription medication and exfoliation treatment.
  2. Choose one between retinol cream and exfoliative treatment
  3. Use exfoliative treatment 1 to 3 times a week.


 The night moisturizer cream is thicker than your day moisturizer cream. It is advised to apply moisturizer as it retains the water content in our skin. When our skin is hydrated, it looks healthy and protects our skin from further damages.

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Daycare Routine Steps Night Care Routine Steps
Cleanser Cleanser
Toner Toner
Antioxidant Serum Under Eyes Cream
Eye Cream Treatments

(Retinol, acne, serum, peel)

Acne Spot Treatment Moisturiser
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