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Remember These Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips For Lifetime!
Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips
Remember These Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips For Lifetime!
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Salons can be costly, so if you want to dye your hair, then dye your hair at home. However, with these at-home hair dyeing tactics and advice, the once-difficult task of dying your hair can become the most convenient thing. First of all, make sure you’re comfy in your PJs and have everything you’ll need (we’ve mentioned below), and don’t rush.

Hair Dyeing Tricks and Tips

We’ve listed the most excellent at-home hair-colour tactics and suggestions for salon-quality like results.

Never trust the model

The model’s hair on the box appears gorgeous and is a dream of many to have such hair. Colorist Dana Ionato of the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon in New York City says, “The colour usually turns up lighter than the model’s hair on the box.” “Because the developer in at-home permanent dyes is stronger, making it lighter than what you see on the package”. The chart on the front of the box, depicts the overall colour you receive from the different hair colours shown, tells how the colour will appear.

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Lighter or darker – decide wisely

Because of the powerful developer, choose a somewhat deeper colour than what you desire for permanent dye. When using semipermanent dye, go for a lighter shade of the colour you want. “Semipermanent formulas don’t include a developer, so the longer you keep, the darker they grow”.

Purchase two boxes

Use two boxes of the same hue if your hair is longer than your shoulders or shoulder-length and particularly harsh. Mix the colours in a glass or plastic bowl; a metal bowl will cause the dye to oxidise and change colour.

Hair texture

Hair texture is as important when dying hair. “Delicate, wavy or unmanageable hair absorbs colour more quickly and turns cooler-toned when dyed” explains Ionato. “Fine to medium hair textures absorb colour slowly and somewhat take warmer tone when dyed, resulting in overtones.”

Roots Touch up

“If you’re working on your roots, it is recommended to add coconut oil or a deep conditioning mask on the mid-shaft and ends to help retain whatever lightness that you have on the hair.” Because colour runoff from washing out your roots might stain the remainder of your hair, she recommends using a coconut oil barrier to prevent colour from running down your hair. Vaseline can be applied to the hairline to prevent colour from staining the scalp.

Tools Rethinking

Because box dyes are only designed to change your hair colour by a shade or two, they won’t cover the dark roots of your highlights, explains colourist Marie Robinson. Use a brush to only highlight roots with an at-home bleach kit.

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You don’t have to colour your entire head if you’re aiming for greys just colour the grey part of your hair. According to Robinson, working hair by hair may be necessary, who recommends using an eye shadow brush for added accuracy.

Only Section

Create a central part that goes to the rear of your head and divide your hair into four portions – two in front of the ears and two in behind to avoid patchiness. Also, be organised during the application. Sometimes people aren’t sure how to go to the back. So, using clips, separate your hair into four sections and work from front to back.

Add shampoo

If you’re dyeing your entire head, don’t colour your ends if your hair is too dry. Instead, add two pumps of shampoo to the colour remaining in the container three minutes before you’re expected to rinse. Shake before applying it to your tresses.

Let your hair down

Don’t put your dyed hair up in a bun. The colour will not even out when you rinse it off. Place it aside until the timer beeps.

Add water

Spray some water on your head and push your hair around with your hands for a few seconds before rinsing away the colour. This dissolves the colour and moves it around, ensuring that there are no spots.

Tweak the results

If you’re unsatisfied with the colour once it’s dried, you may dull it by adding a deep conditioner to wet hair. Then wrap your head with plastic wrap and a hot, wet towel to keep it warm. Let it stay for 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition your hair. If you’re still dissatisfied with your colour, you’ll have to visit a salon as soon as possible.

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