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Here are the tools needed to craft the most perfect brows
Here are the tools needed to craft the most perfect brows
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I have never manipulated my eyebrows at home. I have listened to and seen many horror stories of exploding eyebrow bones and soon met a shaping eyebrows man. It wasn’t worth the risk. I know that at least I can control my eyebrows when I’m at home now. Below I will share everything I have learned so far to create perfect eyebrows –

The Tools:

You don’t need Mom’s 90s tweezers for perfect brows. The Healy kit is a great place to start with as it comes with a double rotating roller and dust brush, surgical tweezers, and crimping scissors, making it easy to use with infrequent (ingenious) hands.

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The Products:

It is an excellent idea to have your favorite powder or pencil on hand, as the last step is to fill in all the homeless people so they can be easily seen.

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Luv + Co. Natural Brow Pomade – SHOP NOW

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Step 1: Brush Them Up

First things first. You need to understand what you are working on. Turn the bobbin to clean and dry your eyebrows, and comb your hair. It tells you if you have too long hair or if gaps wrapping the hair above your eyebrows.

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Step 2: A little Trim

Hold the bobbin brush in one hand and the scissors in the other. By pushing the loop through the eyebrows, the hair is pulled up. This way, you will see what is too long and cut easily without overdoing it. Remember that the length is not bad. Sometimes, it is necessary to get the perfect brow shape. In most cases, you only need to cut a few of the inappropriate strands.

Step 3: Test your stamina and whistle carefully

Squeeze the tweezers to draw a straight line that will help you figure out the size of your eyebrows. Use it once, find out. It’s time to get rid of the misplaced hair.

Important: Don’t Use Magnifying Mirrors.

Your eyebrows are completely Monet. If you close your eyebrows, you will not see the big picture, and the structure of the eyebrows needs something that might look wrong in a magnifying glass. So, I highly recommend you not to use Magnifying Mirrors while Shaping Eyebrows.

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Step 4: A Quick Shave

Hit with this dermis planer, snuggle against the skin, and sweep the knife where you want to get rid of temples, forehead, and blonde hair. Also suitable for the upper lip when you pull it out. If you remove the peach moss, your eyebrows can come out.

Step 5: Filler Up

Take your favorite eyebrow enhancer in shaping brows in the shape you want. When I eliminate this hair, I ultimately give the full picture of it.

And here it is. If you haven’t tucked your brows yet, this works just fine. Try it now!

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