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How dry brushing is beneficial for you?
dry brushing
How dry brushing is beneficial for you?
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Do you want glowing and rejuvenating skin? If you answered yes, you’d need to get a dry brush. A typical human being has 100,000 different cells in his or her body, packed into 200 or so pounds. But if a new trend catches on and everyone starts to dry brush themselves – a trend that is admittedly helped along by the recent craze for intermittent fasting – the entire body will be replaced in just under six days. Dry brushing is claimed to have many benefits. Before we get started, let’s talk about dry brushing:

What is dry brushing?

A dry brush is a stiff bristle brush that is used to brush your body. It is used for massaging your body daily. It helps exfoliate the skin, remove the flakes, improve circulation, digestion and detoxification. Moreover, it can reduce cellulitis. How true is it? The dermatologist says it is 50-50%.

Pros of dry brushing yourself

Detoxification of your skin

The action of dry brushing benefits in many ways. It exfoliates your skin. Dry brushing eliminates the clogged pores during exfoliation. It detoxifies the skin by increasing the circulation of blood. Also, it improves the flow of blood in the lymph. The dermatologist also says that when the pores are unclogged, our bodies can eliminate waste by sweating.

Vitalize the nervous system

Is your body constantly in need of a reboot? A brush with some warm olive oil could go a long way in helping you feel more energetic and revitalized. A couple of tablespoons of oil applied to your dry skin will achieve just the right amount of stimulation to combat the day’s stresses and cares without being overwhelming. Dry brushing makes you feel good because it soothes your nervous system. You got that kind of relief when you got your massage.

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It makes your skin glow

The exfoliation of dry skin makes your skin glow. It softens your skin as well. Moreover, it makes your skin look brighter for a brief moment.

The better alternative of scrubbing

Do not use hot water as it takes away the beneficial oil, fat and protein that makes your skin look healthy. You can get redness and itchiness. Dry brushing is better because it exfoliates your skin. Moreover, it improves the circulation of blood in your body. When you use hot water, you lose moisture from your skin.

What kind of dry brush should you look for?

To reap the benefits of dry brushing, use a brush that has a natural bristle and a long handle. It is dependent on the skin’s sensitivity. Also, the long handle helps you to reach different parts of the body.

Is dry brushing okay for sensitive skin or someone with skin disease?

  • If you have sensitive skin, a dry washcloth could be a good option. But, if that feels too much. Suppose you get that redness, swelling or inflammation. Then stop doing it. Do not dry brush over your moles, wart or raised bumps.
  • Do not dry brush over broken skin, cuts, sores, burned skin, etc.
  • Do not brush over an inflamed area, have cellulite, skin cancer. This might increase irritation in your skin.
  • Also, do not dry brush over inflamed skin.
  • The dermatologist suggests not dry brush your face as the skin is the most delicate area of the entire body. Instead, use products that are more gentle to your face.

When should you dry brush yourself?

There are some of the tips given by dermatologists that you can do to incorporate into your daily routines.

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  • Use a natural bristle brush. First, start doing from feet and then move upwards. Doing this would increase the circulation around your limb area as there is a direct link of feet to the brain. This will induce a feeling of calmness in the body.
  • Move the brush to the frame of your body.
  • Be careful while dry brushing in the main parts of your body. There are sensitive regions like the stomach, chest and neck. Just take care of the amount of pressure you apply while dry brushing yourself.
  • Do not overbrush in any area. It can result in irritation and redness. Suppose you have not taken any advice from this article. Take this advice with you.
  • As you brush yourself, take a shower.
  • Dry brush yourself once a day.

Does cellulite go away by dry brushing?

There hasn’t been any proof that dry brushing decreases cellulite until now. The dermatologist says that dry brushing over cellulitis makes the skin pudgy for a brief moment. This is due to increased circulation of blood.¬†Before inculcating a dry brush in your routine, you need to know your skin first. Try it while taking all the precautions. If it works, then go ahead; however, if you face any kind of irritation or redness due to dry brushing. You should see your dermatologist.

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