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How to do Skin Care While Travelling During Sunny Day
How to do Skin Care While Travelling During Sunny Day
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As you know wearing sunscreen is mandatory during heads out on sunny days. Putting sunscreen is important because your screen starts to tan in the deeper levels. I’m living in Canada, the weather in Canada remains cold throughout the year. I was not used to the hot weather. Once I visited Dubai during my business trip. Dubai is the hottest city throughout the year, for those who live in the coldest city must do skin care while travelling or exploring the hottest city. It had been eight years, when I was not traveling during hot sunny days. But that time, I had no options, I had to explore city tours and thrilling adventures under hot sun with no sunscreen on it. Later, that ends up at the acne breakouts.


For those who don’t know, yes, your skin will be damaged badly if you explore the sun without sunscreen. Where in most cases, that damage will never be filled up. Desert safari Dubai is experienced on the open Arabian desert. Where after the sunset you will step into the Bedouin camp. But on that tour you experience numerous adventurous and desert activities on the high red dunes during the sunny days. Since my visit in Dubai was first time, i was not aware with that hot weather. I explored many rides for 3-4 hours under the sun. Within 1-2 hours I looked extremely tan, which I noticed later on the pictures by the way.


Yes, I made a mistake which I had to face later at the Hotel. I felt itching on my face and the face was red. Where some red bumps started appearing. Yes, these things just happened within 5-6 hours. When we were dropped at a hotel after the desert safari in Dubai. It was feeling like my whole vacation was spoiled. Because your face is the only thing which everyone notices at first. I cleaned my face with face wash without spirit or alcohol. Just rubbed the ice on my face for 15-20 minutes and went to sleep. Next day, I consulted a dermatologist in Dubai. Yes, I didn’t know which one was the best dermatologist. I googled it and just went to his clinic. Make sure, if any of you, in case you will be going through acne breakouts or mild acne. Do not consult the Cosmetic dermatologist, it won’t help you out and it is so expensive too.


I went to the dermatologist who was well experienced and the best in Dubai. After 20 minutes of checking, he said my skin was deeply burnt due to the sun burn. Which results in acne breakouts. This thing mostly happens to those who have sensitive skin, however there are many people. There is no impact on their skin. But I was the unlucky one. But let me tell you I have explored two tours before experiencing the desert safari. Anyhow, long story short, the doctor prescribed me a-day-tablet to take for 21 days and an antic cream which was a Lil expensive but it was so good. My acne started healing within a week. Besides, he prescribed me to wear sunscreen while exploring under the sun. So, after experiencing some kind of serious troubles. I’m here to guide you what skin care you’re supposed to do while travelling during a sunny day. So without any further ado, let’s start the blog

Skin Care While Travelling During Day Time

1.   Avoid Make up:

Say a big fat “NO” to make up while travelling. However, while travelling you can use a  tinted moisturizer. Your skin needs to breathe and if you wear makeup for 6-7 hours, your skin will be damaged badly. This thing is happening because of the changing environment and weather conditions. Which ends up in the form of breakouts. Just the way I got.

2.   Always Wear a Good SunScreen Under the Sun

You can ask anyone who has good skin. They will tell you the secret to intake more water and wearing good sunscreen. Sunscreen plays a main role to keep your skin healthy by preventing your skin from getting sun or dirt. Also it is good for anti aging. Make sure one thing if you’re supposed to contact the direct sun for 2 hours or more. Use the sunscreen of 100 spf, otherwise for 20-30 minutes, you can use the sunscreen of 60 or 60+ srf. Which would be fine.

3.   Always Use Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser is the most important element than the expensive serums or the under eye cream. You’re supposed to use facial cleanser. Which makes sure that at the end of the day your skin is purified by all the impurities, pollution and dirt on your skin. Never leave your skin unclean, however you can also use a mud mask as the facial cleanser for 15-20 minutes on your skin then wash it off.

4.   Always Carry Facial Wipes or Clean Wet Towel Piece

Cleaned wet towels or facial wipes are the alternate element of facial cleanser. But they are short term things, you can use while travelling because you could not cleanse that time. These are things you can use while flying by plane or travelling by car etc. Make sure the wet towels you’re using are cleaned or the facial wipes are good in quality.

5.   Avoid to Touch Your Face

Some people have this bad habit of touching their face with their dirty hands. Not touching your face helps in minimizing the breakouts. The reason behind this is you never know which unknown bacteria on your hand. Which can cause many skin issues or make your acne worse than before. Always wash your hands for 20 seconds to get rid of these bacterias.


In the end, i just wanted to say that having a skin problem or bad skin condition is normal. Do Not depress with such things and care for your skin as much as you can or afford. In case your skin is going through bad times, immediately consult the dermatologist. Try not to do experiments on your skin by applying cheap products.

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