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Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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Why you feel tired and how to not be tired?
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Ever feel you never have enough time? Maybe you’ve been feeling more tired, too. You probably know that stress and sleep deprivation can increase the risk for chronic health problems like hypertension, but you might not know why. Depression and anxiety are common in the pandemic. There is a concurrent increase in chronic fatigue, old age and autoimmunity. There seems to be a genetic predisposition to be susceptible to these conditions as people age.

Could our society and our environment be creating something larger than ourselves? Could modern-day expectations of how much we need to work and how much we need to sleep develop too many people’s physical and emotional health problems? The study says that around 20% of women and 11% of men feel tired In the past three months. The extreme tiredness is due to medical conditions and daily activities.

How to Not Be Tired?

In this article, I have mentioned ten reasons why you feel tired and how you could feel energetic again.

Too much stress

Too much stress

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When you take too much stress, then your body produces cortisol. When you have a high cortisol level in your body, you are prone to sicker. Also, you tend to have physical and emotional problems as well. Too much stress can also lead to a lack of sleep and make your body vulnerable to muscle tension and anxiety. A study tells that insomniac patients have a high-stress level due to relationship issues, and they ruminate a lot. Also, once stressed during the exam time.

 You can lower your stress by doing a few activities such as deep breathing, meditation, visualisation, massage, exercise, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation.

Consumption of too much energy drink

When an individual consumes too much energy drink, the level of sugar and caffeine increases in the blood, so they stay awake and feel tired. Energy drinks are highly addictive, and it is shown in a test that a tired person tends to go for more energy drinks to visit awake and alert. So I would suggest you not take energy drinks such as Red Bull. Here’s what you can do to Boost Your Energy without an energy drink, and they are as follows –

  • drink tea or coffee- beverages like these have less caffeine and less sugar when compared with energy drinks
  •  eat sunflower seeds
  • Drink lots of water
  • have protein shake
  • Exercise

Studies show that the blood flows in your body when you exercise, and hormones such as dopamine are released. The dopamine hormone improves your mood and makes you feel alert. Exercising makes you feel energetic, and you feel less tired.

I recommend you go for a 20-minute walk at a moderate speed or join the gym. Also, you can do some exercise at home, such as jumping jacks, pushing up squats and lunges.

Sleep well 

It often happens that when we are not taking the required sleep, we tend to feel tired. A study says that if it takes you 30 minutes or more to get sleepy, you have poor sleep quality and should work on your sleeping pattern. You can improve the quality of your sleep by doing certain activities, such as –

  • avoiding caffeine and nicotine before going to sleep
  •  not taking heavy meals or alcohol before sleeping 
  • Keep your bedroom quiet and comfortable
  • If you take a daytime now up, it should be no more than 20 minutes.
  • Also, avoid using the screen or mobile phones before going to sleep.

Do not consume too much sugar

When you consume too much sugar, you feel energetic instantly, and your energy level drops suddenly. That is why you feel tired after taking sugar. Do not take high carbohydrates and sugar; food consumption leads to a high glucose level in the body, and then the blood level drops suddenly. 

Digestion problems

Digestion problems

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 A study says that people with digestion problems are likely to get tired more quickly than healthy people. These people find it difficult to cope emotionally, cannot take the workload, do their tasks correctly, and deteriorate their well-being. When you have digestion concerns, you face these kinds of symptoms, and they are as follows-bloating, headache, migraine, runny noses, wheezing, upset stomach and constipation. If you feel these kinds of symptoms, you should consult your doctor. 

Your body clock is off

Suppose you are not able to get enough sleep at night. In that case, there is a height of diabetes, Hypertension, depression, strokes, heart disease, increased pain, impaired immune function, increased errors, impaired performance, and accidents. You can improve your internal body clock by doing specific steps, and these steps are as follows-

  • going to bed early and at the same time every day
  •  taking 15 to 20 minutes nap daily
  • do something active after taking dinner.
  •  go out in the sunlight
  •  light therapy box
  • do not see the screen for about 2 hours before sleep
  • turn off the lights while sleeping

When you do not take enough calories

When you do not consume enough calories, you tend to have low energy throughout the day. A healthy diet makes you active throughout the day. A healthy diet consists of micronutrients that help your body function properly, convert food into energy, maintain a healthy immune system, and improve mood. A study says that a female athlete in sports with low body weight tends to have a deficiency in nutrients, get fatigued easily, be hydrated, delay growth, and have impaired immunity. Our body needs a healthy diet so that our body can do essential functions apart from breathing.

Not enough intake of protein

 There is a direct relation between protein and fatigue. A study says that athletes who consume less protein are likely to get tired easily than athletes who have a high protein intake in their diet. Protein also improves mental energy and soreness in the body. One should take protein in their diet in the form of meat, fish, eggs and beans twice a day,


When you do not drink enough water, you tend to feel sluggish. It is advisable to drink 3 to 4 litres of water every day.

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