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How to take care of different hair types?
hair type
How to take care of different hair types?
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It has rightly been said that the first impression is the last. The person’s hair is that very feature that people immediately notice when they met them. Hence, it is time to pay some much-needed special attention to your hair. It would help if you had different hair care routines based on your hair type. Be it curly hair, straight hair, black hair, or wavy hair; we have got you all covered. Hair type in layman’s language refers to the shape of an individual’s hair. Hair consists of two structures: the hair strands itself or the hair shaft and the hair follicle. Also, the shape of the hair follicle is capable of determining the condition of the hair. Let’s take curly hair, for example. Curly hair always has an S-shaped hair follicle.

Hair shape can also be described as the amount or degree of curliness of hair. Now let’s dive into the different hair structures as classified by the researchers. Researchers use hair shapes or structures to put them into different categories. Some examples of hair are stick straight, straight, wavy, big curls, and small curls. Some hairstylists categorize hair into four major categories, but researchers don’t agree to that. Let’s make you familiar with some more terms related to hair. Hair density refers to the number of hair that the person has on his head. Hair density and the amount of hair are directly proportional. Thus more the amount of hair, the more the hair density.
Hair structure determines the thickness of an individual strand of hair. A person’s hair can be fine, medium, or coarse. Also, the hair fibers become shorter and more refined as the personages. Hair porosity is the measure of moisture the hair of an individual can absorb. It depends on how many gaps or tears are present in the cuticle. Hair is porous by nature. The damaged or bleached hair is even more porous than the hair naturally is. Hence, avoid solid chemical treatments to help your hair recover.

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There are some general hair care tips that you should be aware of. First, shampoo your hair according to the hair requirement. If your hair gets oily and sticky more frequently, then wash them 3 or 4 times a week and vice-versa. Make sure to concentrate the shampoo on the scalp for better hair cleansing and nutrition. Conditioner is a must after shampoo. Focus on applying it to the tips of the hair. Try not to blow dry your hair since it can cause damage. What you can do is wrap your hair in a towel and let it dry naturally. Brush the hair with a wide-toothed comb when it is damp. If possible, then try to limit chemical treatments and hair extensions on your hair as much as possible.
Usually, people with straight hair have very oily hair since sebum is carried more easily in straight hair than curly ones. Hence, advice for people with straight hair is to avoid the excessive use of certain hair products like any hair product labeled for dry hair, oils such as olive, coconut, and jojoba oil, along with leave-on products. Over brushing can cause significant damage to curly hair. So, people with curly need to pay special attention to the number of times they brush their hair. Some tips for people with curly hair are that they should reduce shampoo usage, lessen air drying or use a blow dryer, and avoid dense combs and brushes and heating tools. You can also use hair mousses, and gels meant for curly hair to maintain the natural state of hair to some extent.

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People with black hair should not wash hair more than twice a week and use conditioner after a head wash. They should avoid tight braids, cornrows, or weaves. They should use heat-protecting products before styling and use a hot oil treatment fortnightly to increase the strength and shine of their hair. They should try using as little few hair products as possible, like hair spray or getting an extension. People with black hair have a sensitive scalp; hence they should use a gentle shampoo. In addition, they should use moisturizers and water-based gels at the tips of the hair.
People with thick hair can use thick shampoo products such as hair gels, hair butter, hair masks such as avocado hair masks, and thicker oils like coconut oil. In addition, people with thick hair should use brushes specifically designed according to their heavy hair density. These brushes have fewer spokes and help in untangling the knots quickly without breaking them.

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People with thin hair should avoid the products mentioned above, the products used by people with thick hair since dense hair products such as oils and butter can way down thinner hair. Thus, causing damage. People with dry hair should try to use dry shampoos, wash their hair regularly and apply conditioner at the tips or ends of the hair.
An average person loses 50 to 150 hair per day but grows more at the same time. A situation where there is less growth than the fall is known as hair loss. Hair loss can result from brushing, washing, or combing the hair in the wrong way. In males, hair loss usually affects the temples and the top of the head, while in females, it can affect the crown.

Some research suggests that using some specific shampoos, essential oils, and dietary supplements can help thicken the hair. But, there is no scientific proof behind the following. Each individual has different hair. Some may be curly, straight, or oily, but all are equally beautiful. It would be best if you took care of your hair with the tips provided above. But if you see significant hair loss, contact your hair professional immediately.

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