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Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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Can Jade combs improve hair growth and blood circulation?
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Jade combs are back in hype after a long. It’s a self-care item that has been used for years by beauty influencers and Chinese medicine fans. This stone is considered beneficial for the scalp.  Jade combs are beneficial to stimulating hair circulation growth and relaxing it. However, this argument lacks proof by sufficient scientific evidence. Read more to know whether jade combs can stimulate hair growth and circulation. 

What is a Jade comb?

The Jade comb is related to gua sha. It is an ancient Chinese technique that emphasizes using a smooth edge tool to remove body inflammation and stimulate circulation and healing. Gua sha is useful for treating specific conditions like targeting muscles and tensions. Jade combing includes using a comb made for Jade to boost and massage the scalp. There is a common perception that Jade combing improves blood flow and facilitates hair growth. 

Using the toothed side over the scalp with slight pressure can boost the scalp and bring fresh blood to the area by better blood circulation. Jade is particularly one of the highly revered stones in Chinese and East Asian medicine. It stimulates health, longevity, and beauty. However, there is a lack of scientific research and proof to support that Jade is beneficial for health purposes. 

The potential benefits can come from combing but not from Jade in itself. All kinds of combing with fingers, wooden comb, or anything else increases blood flow. Jade comb has some unique uses, and it’s beneficial for the scalp and hair. According to traditions, the teeth of jade combs are effective for hair, scalp, and the contoured side of the face and body. Other combs have teeth on one side and a smooth part on the other for better grip. 

What are the potential health benefits of using a Jade comb? Are they true?

Improvement in blood circulation is one of the most significant benefits of Jade. Also, the Jade comb aids hair growth. Along with it, the magic tools facilitate the scalp to give health and smooth hair in return. Some researchers claim. It is a combination of simple luxury with no legit benefits. Jade combing can give you a relaxing session and a quick relief to your scalp. 

Massaging the scalp with a jade or rose quartz works like acupuncture therapy. The scalp is interlinking with the entire body, and a good massage of the scalp positively affects the body. Regular combing helps add volume to tame curly hair and is suitable for all skin types. There is a concept that massaging a scalp can stimulate hair growth. But, these are not enough to back up jade combs. 

Are there any adverse effects of using a jade comb?

The lack of research to prove the benefits of jade combing has prevented it from becoming a daily fashion and healthcare remedy. However, jade combing is safe, and with moderate use, it shall not hurt you. Still, a problem remains: High-quality jades are expensive, and it’s not feasible to invest in UT for daily use. You can get a lower-quality jade at affordable rates. If we compare the expense with the benefits of using Jade, we realize that it does not bring any drastic change. It just feels friendly and safe, and the product can be helpful for a lifetime. 

Should I use a Jade comb?

The lack of scientific evidence does not undermine that the comb has a vital role in self-practices without potential harm.

How To Use a Jade comb?

The points mentioned above suggest that Jade is particularly a DIY self-care treatment. The roots of the tool go in folk and traditional medicines. To use Jade, you can apply slightly more pressure to the scalp and spend a little longer brushing your hair. Combining in all directions with jade combs can bring benefits. Brush the comb gently on the sides and massage towards the ears.

Brush the comb in small circles at the back with light and gentle pressure. You can use the jade comb on dry hair or even after applying oil. As we mentioned, this comb is not a regular comb, and it cannot be used for properly detangling hair or styling your hair. If you want to use the contoured side, use it as a facial gua sha tool and scare your body and face. The results depend on the goal of using the comb. If you want to relax and relieve stress, you can notice a minor change the first time after use. 

Cultural significance of Jade combs

As per ancient Chinese tradition, the tool is helpful to scrape the body and treat ailments like cold and heat stroke. Presently, even modern science has been taking extracts from the medicinal roots of gua sha and jade combs. It highlights the beauty benefits like enhancing the appearance of skin. 

Jade combs and other tools from the same practice in the wellness market have a trend. These tools are an excellent way to pay tribute to acupuncture schools and ancient Chinese medicines. People often overlook the cultural relevance of the device, but it’s not a mere trend because these practices have been done for centuries now. This ancient Chinese gua sha tool has a lot of benefits for hair and skin. However, it lacks scientific backing. 

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