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Know These Ways to Make Your Skin Healthy in the Winter
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Know These Ways to Make Your Skin Healthy in the Winter
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While we enjoy the festive season, comfortable sweaters, and hot chocolate, we dislike how the cold affects our skin. Our skin appears to go from healthy and plump to dry and cracked instantly. Indoor variables such as central heating can also reduce the amount of moisture in the air. The dermatologist adds further. “This makes maintaining the skin’s natural protective oils, which act as a barrier against environmental aggressors, more difficult. As a result, moisture is drained from the skin, causing it to dry out and break.”

Ways to Make Your Skin Healthy in the Winter

However, this does not result in the same output. Here are seven expert-approved skin care techniques that will transform your skin from drab to fab.

Make use of a humidifier

“Humidifiers preserve your skin when you’re indoors by replacing moisture in the air and keeping the humidity at an optimal level (around 40-60 per cent),” adds Dr Engelman. She suggests the Canopy humidifier prevents mould and germs from forming and has an evaporative mechanism. It only emits pure, hydrated air rather than water vapour.

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Take Cold Showers Instead of Hot Showers

“It’s tempting to turn up the heat in the winter, but hot water takes the oils from your skin, making it vulnerable to drying out, cracking, and peeling,” explains Dr Engelman. Chill it at the water temperature to keep as much moisture as possible.

Moisturize Your Skin While It Is Still Damp

Dr Engelman recommends applying your body oil or lotion before your skin has completely dried after a cool shower (or face washing). She continues, “This helps lock in additional moisture.” When the temperature drops, it’s tempting to take a hot shower. If you care about your skin, though, stay away from them. Instead, shower and wash your face with lukewarm water. Hot showers dry out your skin rapidly, and if you don’t moisturize it right away, it can break and develop winter eczema. After a lukewarm shower, apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid and ceramides on your skin. It will prevent dryness by keeping the moisture barrier intact.

Apply Lip Moisturizer

“In the winter, lips can get exceedingly dry due to the thinner skin and continual exposure to the weather,” says Dr Engelman. Lips contain three to five cellular layers, but the rest of our skin has roughly 16. Also, the lips don’t have oil glands to keep them moisturized like the rest of our skin. As a result, they must be well-cared. The Lano Original 101 Ointment, according to Dr Engelman, contains 200 per cent of its weight in moisture and cures dry, cracked skin swiftly.

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Get Plenty of Water

While we know how essential it is to be hydrated, Dr Engelman points out that many individuals forget to drink water when it’s chilly outside. “Skin can’t retain moisture as well in the cold, so drinking water helps replenish some of that hydration,” she explains.

Examine the Ingredients in Your Skincare

While you probably have a favourite moisturizer, Dr Engelman recommends double-checking the ingredient list on the back of your products this time of year to ensure you’re using ultra-nourishing ones. “Hyaluronic acid is a hydration superstar since it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water,” she says. “Ceramides and peptides assist the skin to retain moisture by strengthening and restoring the skin barrier. Squalane, shea butter, and light moisturizing oils like jojoba are all excellent for keeping skin hydrated.”

Take Care of Your Hands

Because we should all be continually washing our hands, it’s not enough to merely apply hand cream in the morning. Keep in multiple places- your workplace, in your car, and in your purse to remind you to reapply. Use a drop of cuticle oil once a day to add moisture and keep your nails in tip-top form.

Don’t Throw Away Your Sunglasses.

It is essential for people who live in areas that snow a lot. Sun and snow glare can damage the skin around your eyes, causing brown spots, fine wrinkles, and other problems. As a result, if you walk outside, make sure you’re wearing UV-protective sunglasses with wide arms.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

One should consume seasonal fruits and vegetables in large quantities. Berries are high in vitamins and antioxidants, which your skin requires to be healthy during the winter. Pick your favourite fruit: strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, or cherries. Also, if you fear you’re falling short on hydration (due to a lack of water intake), you can make up for it with fruits, vegetables, and other foods like soups, salads, juices, and milk. Your body will obtain the nutrients it needs to maintain the skin healthy this way.


Yes! On a chilly winter morning, I understand how difficult it is to leave the warmth and comfort of the blanket behind and get moving. However, if you care about your skin, go ahead and do it. Exercise raises your heart rate, which causes more blood to flow to your organs and skin. The oil, sweat glands and blood vessels constrict slightly in the cold. It makes it difficult for your skin to maintain its natural health and beauty, which is why it requires your assistance. These suggestions are simple to implement and easily part of your everyday routine.

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