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Our Top 7 Skincare Ingredients to Look for 2021
Our Top 7 Skincare Ingredients to Look for 2021
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Hey there!

Yes, you fellow skin enthusiasts.

It’s a new year, and you can bet your skin won’t mind getting introduced to fresh powerhouse ingredients. To start off the year on a healthy note, you need to be intentional about your skincare. With that at heart, these are our top buzz-worthy ingredients you should look out for in 2021 for that New Year’s suppleness and glow.

  1. Calcium

You might probably run to second check the title of this article because widespread knowledge places calcium as only a bone-building and teeth-strengthening metal. Luckily for skin and beauty cults, that knowledge’s limited. There are calcium ions deposited in the skin’s upper epidermis, which are generally called the epidermal calcium gradients and help skin regeneration functions.

However, aging and other events might cause this gradient to wear off, leading to skin elasticity loss. Adding calcium-based essentials to your skincare routine will improve your skin’s barrier functions, promote skin renewal, and regulate homeostasis.

Healthy bones plus healthy skin equates to a healthy life!

  1. Wheatgrass

If you want to take care of your skin and strengthen your immune system, then wheatgrass is the ultimate ingredient. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial, moisturizing and soothing properties, using wheatgrass topically will clear those skin blemishes, heal sunburns, fight free radicals, keep your skin hydrated and work to reduce aging signs – which makes it an ideal addition to your sensitive skin skincare essentials.

  1. Marine Collagen

Although it’ll make quite a luxurious addition to your skincare regimen, marine collagen will leave your skin radiating and glowing for the longest time.

We all know how important collagen is for skin firming and elasticity, cell regeneration, and scars healing. While our bodies produce less of it as we mature, the good news is that we can use the best kind of collagen – marine collagen – topically and have all the oceanic goodness get into our skin.

When next you see a marine collagen-based skin caring product, do not shy away from it. Although it may be a bit on the high side, you know what they say about good things – they don’t come cheap now, do they?

  1. Cucumber Extracts

Is your skin regularly parched and dehydrated?  Cucumber to the rescue! With 96% water content, it’s the ultimate natural hydrating ingredient. But that’s not all there is to your cucumbers. Rich in Vitamin C and Folic acid, cucumbers also help with skin swelling, cooling, skin repairs, free radicals prevention, and likes.

What’s more? If you want to feel like a million bucks without splurging at a million bucks spa, dress up in your white robe and lay two slices of cucumber over your eyes, and viola, welcome Hollywood!

While this will definitely make you look exquisite on the gram, it will also reduce eye puffiness, leave the skin around your eyes hydrated and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes area. Don’t forget to pose with a glass of Pina Colada too.

  1. Algae

Some species of algae function to break down collagen and at the same time prevent the breakdown of skin’s hydrators – like hyaluronic acid in the skin – which ensures that the skin stays moisturized.

Some others are good skin detoxifiers, pollution- fighters, and UV-light protectors. They are also excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties.  For instance, red algae improve skin moisture by 128% and contain Astaxanthin, an antioxidant about 6000 times more potent than Vitamin C. It’s a natural wonder!

  1. Bakuchiol

If you want to part ways with Retinol, you should simultaneously open your doors to a gentler non-irritating replacement, Bakuchiol. With this ingredient, all your skin aging concerns will be laid to rest.

  1. Tranexamic Acid

What’s skin caring without some face acids? Incomplete!

The acid promising to become a hit trend is the hyperpigmentation, discoloration, uneven skin tone, and acne scarring fighter, Tranexamic acid. Friendly with other powerhouse ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol, hyaluronic acid, and SPF, this acid is the new Holy Grail for skin brightening and complexion toning.


This year, getting supple, glowing skin doesn’t have to be farfetched. To achieve it, we recommend you give these ingredients a chance (after consultations with your dermatologist) and after that, tell us about your experience – we can bet your skin will be all “glows and smiles.”

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