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Permanent Eyeliner to Meditation: Improve Your Mornings
Permanent Eyeliner to Meditation: Improve Your Mornings
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Looking to save time and start the day fresh? Here are some ways to energize your mornings.

Permanent Makeup: Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a part of many daily makeup routines, but it can often be the most stressful. What if there was a permanent eyeliner St. Petersburg solution? Permanent makeup is applied similarly to a tattoo, and there are many licensed professionals that can offer stunning results. By getting a permanent makeup procedure, you can cut time from your daily makeup routine and start your day earlier (or sleep in—whichever you prefer!) 


Though the price of a permanent eyeliner procedure may be off-putting, you have to consider how much you will be saving by not buying makeup every few months. The upfront cost of a permanent makeup procedure will end up being more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than buying replacement bottles or pans for products once they run out. 


There are a variety of techniques that professionals use that can make the permanent eyeliner look as natural or as dramatic as you want; there should be no concern over how it’s going to look, because that decision is ultimately up to you. You can even workshop designs with the permanent makeup artist before they go on your face, much like a tattoo design mockup. It is an intimate and personalized process.

Planning Outfits Beforehand

Don’t waste time picking out an outfit in the morning when you can do it right before you go to bed. Many people have found this to be a useful strategy to cut down on stress in the morning. Instead of making a rushed decision right before you have to leave, you can carefully plan out outfits and select them the night before. Now that many people have access to weather apps or websites, they don’t have to worry about being incorrectly dressed for the weather either. They can just check their phone to see the future forecast, and pack an extra shirt or jacket in case anything changes.


At night, you don’t have anything rushing you. Of course, some nights you may feel that it takes more energy to plan an outfit than other nights, so this does not have to be a constant. However, it will save you time in the morning. Making that small sacrifice at night can jumpstart your next morning. 


It could also be fun to put together outfit combinations and explore your creativity when you’re not groggy from just waking up. You can come up with ideas you wouldn’t normally have. 

Meal Prepping

We have all left the house in the morning without eating breakfast, and it has never ended well. Either we get hungry way before lunch, or we notice the lack of energy. You can prepare meals for the next day (or even week) and store them in your fridge. That way, you can take breakfast or lunch to go without sacrificing your mornings. 

Foods that are relatively easy to “meal prep” for include instant oats (sometimes called overnight oats), boiled eggs, cheese, dips (such as hummus), brown rice, black beans, quinoa, lentils, fruits, vegetables, and tuna. All of these can be stored easily in the fridge or pantry and taken to go the next day; they will not spoil if properly cared for.


Meal prepping is great for people that want to eat more earlier in the day (there are many health and performance benefits) but cannot find time in the morning to make a meal. These meals can be convenient and healthy — a combination that is hard to find at fast food places.


It can also be a way to ease yourself into enjoying cooking, and soon you’ll be going from simple meal prepping to cooking the dinner of your dreams whenever you want.

Meditation Before Bed

Improve your morning energy by taking care of your mind the night before. Meditation can help put you at ease before you sleep, and the calming effects can be felt in the morning when you wake up with a clear head. It can be hard for many people to fall asleep on time due to racing thoughts and the stressors of daily life, but meditation can help ease this.


By setting the tone for your night with a calming meditation, you are opening the doors to your morning being more peaceful. Meditation can train you to handle racing thoughts better, and  your mornings will start with gratitude and slow exhales instead of stress.


In addition to nighttime meditation, you could add it to your morning routine or start yoga once you feel more comfortable with the idea of meditation. There are many apps and YouTube channels that can help with yoga and guided meditation of varying purposes and lengths.

Morning Workouts

Another way to energize your morning is by working out. At first, this may seem counterintuitive. A workout can actually be an invigorating start rather than a draining one. It gets your endorphins high and sets the tone for a good rest of the day. You can start your day feeling happy and productive.


Since there are varying types and intensities of workouts, you can choose how to start your morning based on the rest of your day. If you have a long day ahead of you where you have to lift a lot of boxes, for example, you may stray away from doing an intense arm workout the morning before. It’s entirely customizable and up to you.


You could even get a trainer or find someone to join you in your morning workouts to increase the consistency and productivity of each workout. 


Journaling each morning or before bed is a great way to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Write down anything on your mind, then write what you’re grateful for every day. Studies have shown this can improve your mindset going into the rest of the day.


Not everyone has time to journal intensely, but even if you take five to ten minutes out of your day to do so, you will notice a change in your mornings. It is nice to have things written down because it helps you understand yourself and appreciate each new day even more.

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