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Preventing and Treating Common Skin Problems
skin problems
Preventing and Treating Common Skin Problems
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There sure are many of us who are hiding spider veins with long pants or concealing old scars with cosmetics. However, we can swear on this that we all at least have one skin-related problem that we’d prefer to conceal. According to the AAD, those who have skin diseases are prone to have more than one at a time; as one’s age increases, so does the years of sun exposure, making our skin vulnerable to germs and viruses that might lead to skin diseases.

Many of us feel concerned about the issues we might have in our bodies even though they might not need prescriptions but aggravating concerns like cellulite, stretch marks, dark circles, spider veins, and age spots somehow attract our attention. We are not just concerned but also spend huge amounts of time and money trying to get rid of them, which is found out through surveys. 

Each year billions of dollars are spent on cosmetic surgeries, Botox, etc., and hefty amounts are spent on skin products. Most of these common skin problems that we encounter are at times known to be inherited; for example, stretch marks, cellulite, and dark circles may all have an ancestral connection with you. Don’t worry because you can easily address what’s troubling you, either using extra sunscreen or a more advanced moisturizer/ specific allergy medicine. Here are a few tips for your common skin problems and how to feel more at ease in your skin.

Spider Veins

The problem with the thinning of veins in the legs causes these blue or purple starbursts of tiny veins under your skin. These veins start to show as they’re attempting to pump blood back up to one’s heart, but they are quite weak because the blood does not reach it; instead, it starts to flow backward and collect in your legs. The reasons for this might include hormonal changes and traumas. They are typically not harmful and pose no danger to your health whatsoever, although one may find them unattractive. There are two solutions that one can utilize to treat their spider veins issue:

1. You may use makeup on your leg to cover the problem temporarily.

2. You may ask your doctor whether you can permanently remove them using a skin procedure called sclerotherapy. 

Sclerotherapy is a medication injection; it causes the vein to rupture and form scar tissue, eventually vanishing. One can also get rid of the spider vein using laser therapy.

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As per doctors, cellulite is caused by fibrous bands inside the fat layer beneath the skin. Yet, it is unknown why they are formed. It is inherited most of the time, but if you can keep yourself active and maintain a healthy weight, you sure can prevent its development.

There are numerous alternatives available out there. However, one can’t guarantee which treatment would work for one and not for another. For example, caffeine-containing cellulite lotions and spa treatments can compress cellulite, although those mentioned above provide only short-term relief. According to the professionals’ suggestions, a permanent solution may only be attainable via one’s either dermatologist or plastic surgeon.


Acnes on the back are not just painful but unsightly, and they prevent you from feeling confident. The reason you get acne on your back is the same as that on your face that is blocked pores. According to the experts, one can address back acne with over-the-counter remedies such as a benzoyl peroxide wash and salicylic acid. If you exfoliate your back daily or weekly, along with using an acne cleanser, it will help you get better results. However, it is advised for everyone to see a dermatologist in case of scars or deep cysts. It is suggested that one should another idea is to shower immediately after working out, also wash your workout clothes regularly. 

Ingrown Hair

 These painful red lumps are caused by hair that coils up under the skin before making its way to the surface. One should wash and softly exfoliate the afflicted skin regularly for the regions of skin that get the most ingrown hairs. It is advised to use lukewarm water and a light astringent, rinse well. 

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Scars are nothing but an unwelcome reminder of previous outbreaks, injuries, or other skin problems. Scars are known to fade over time, although using these techniques, you might hasten the process. 

1. Prevent fresh scars from sun exposure.

2. You may find one or two laser treatments to lighten the red scare. 

3. For raised scars, go for corticosteroid injections or a silicone gel sheet.

Age Spots

Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, are usually harmless. It is caused due to overexposure to the sun, as well as aging. One can’t eliminate these spots, but using sunscreen can help keep them from reappearing. It is advised to use over-the-counter fading lotions, but it too is a temporary solution.

Dark Circles

Everyone is prone to getting dark circles mostly because of exhaustion, allergies, and aging. If an allergy does not cause dark circles, you can conceal those using cosmetics. 

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1. Applying a cold compress helps. 

2. Lotions containing caffeine or cortisol too is a temporary solution for the under-eye circles.

3. You may also go for surgery or injectable fillers but consult your dermatologist beforehand.

Stretch Marks

People might feel underconfident due to red or white lines on their belly, thighs, or other regions. The reason for them to appear is the rapid expansion of skin due to weight gain causing tiny rips in the tissue layers under the skin’s surface.

It’s advised to see a dermatologist for treatment. Procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser surgery are used to smoothen the skin.

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