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Purlisse’s Face Cleanser – Not just good smell but a perfect match for oily and Sensitive Skin
Purlisse’s Face Cleanser – Not just good smell but a perfect match for oily and Sensitive Skin
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Watermelon-scented cleanser with charcoal




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Product name – Watermelon-scented cleanser with charcoal


Its use – helps in clearing the dirt and makeup without causing any dryness to the skin


Who can use it?


Everyone can use it. It works best for people with oily skin.


How will you react or act if you were hit by a waft of fruit sharply? I can’t say about you, but I will be running to the hills straight away. However, it is the sweet smell of this Watermelon + Charcoal Purifying Cleanser by Purlisse that renders an opposite effect. I think this effect is due to the actual watermelon extract. This also prevents it from giving out a sugary like smell that we often see in “watermelon-flavoured” chewing gum. A friend of mine said that it is the dirt-busting charcoal found in the cleanser and is visible in the gel. But in reality, it is the clean and bright feeling that one feels after every single use.


I have never skipped washing my face. I do it daily after waking and before going to sleep. And due to my sensitive skin, I have to be very cautious at what kind of cleanser I choose. Having said that, I usually understand early when a cleanser is not doing enough for my skin. And I am never wrong about it. I am not lying, but if you find a product that has a strong scent or comes with a heavy dose of charcoal, you better stay away from it. Why should you stay away? It is because anything that is too oil-absorbing or fragrant will cause dryness to your skin. Hence, I am intentionally inclined to take Watermelon + Charcoal cleanser. It helps in developing an outstanding balance with its soothing effect.


Another best thing about this cleanser is that you need a drop of its gel for your whole face. It works perfectly fine if I am bare-faced or have some leftover residue from makeup. So what I do is, I rub the drop of gel all over my face for at least one minute while enjoying the facial massage. This action transforms that one drop into a light and foamy lather. If you try it, you will enjoy its natural scent of watermelon around your nose very much. Post doing that, wash it with clean water and you are all set for the day. Be it day or night; you don’t have to worry about dirt or dryness.

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