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Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray is how I keep my hairs flying every day
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Sexy Hair’s Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray is how I keep my hairs flying every day
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What are we talking about today?

A wallet-friendly hairspray which is best for daily use.

What is it used for?

It helps in building height and texture while keeping the style intact.

Who can use it?

This product is the best fit for all kinds of hair.

Before I send out a detailed overview of this product, I have one hell of a story to share with you – A few days ago, some of my close friends were visiting my place. We had planned a night out, but like any other girl, we all had to prep. Being a fashionista, I opened my wardrobe for my gals. In there, one could find a large number of palettes, a shocking amount of lipsticks and other hair-styling products like mousse, texturizing spray, sea salt spray, dry shampoo, and a scalp mask. But what made things embarrassing was when one of my friends, while searching for the wardrobe, said – Don’t you have a hairspray? In minutes, everyone burst into laughter except me.

Ergo, the product that I will be talking about will be a hairspray. Now the first question that anyone would ask me is how could I have gone that far without this hair product? Honestly, somewhere in my routine, this essential item got dropped. But all hail Sexy Hair’s Big Sexy Hairspray and Play Volumizing edition; I have yet again found the right hairspray and found its place among all my beauty supplies.

A proud owner of naturally wavy hair, I use this particular hairspray to add height and keep the texture alive. If you ask me, Spray and Play fall just in the right end on the sexy hair hold spectrum. This means that I always get a medium-hold. For a regular routine, the hold it offers is just excellent and keeps my fizzy hair intact. However, if you are heading out to a long wedding day, I strongly suggest moving up a bit and getting hold of Spritz & Stay or Spray & Play Harder.

Back in the day, a hair spray was a “special-events-only” kind of item for me, but since I have started using Spray & Play, I like to do what it says – spray and play – each morning. In the case of unwashed hair or hair with a few days of oil and product build-up, the drama comes up. Just because it is a medium-hold mist, I never had a feeling that my hairs were dense or crunchy. I am recommending this product to anyone who asks me for a hairspray, are you? Get Stock related information here – Stocklatest.

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