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SheaMoisture Cream – Get a smooth, curl-defining, and frizz-free hair!
SheaMoisture Cream
SheaMoisture Cream – Get a smooth, curl-defining, and frizz-free hair!
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SheaMoisture Cream




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  • The product is devoid of harsh chemicals and is rich in natural ingredients.
  • Does not make your hair much oily or greasy and, results in soft and shiny hair.
  • The smoothie has a sweet natural fragrance, helps control frizz, and specially formulated for curly hair.


  • Does not last too long after application.
  • It may not work very well will all hair types.
  • If you are looking to increase the volume of your hair, this may not be the right product!

Are you loyal to your curl cocktail? Then, you must check out the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie! It is a hibiscus and coconut-oil based conditioning product and will help hydrate your split ends. There are numerous products for naturally curly hair, but the issue arises due to multiple curl patterns on a single head. This curl enhancing smoothies enriched with Neem oil and silk protein to make your hair soft and silky.

Let’s know about the story behind this product. Sofi Tucker used to sell Shea nuts in the village market in 1912 at the age of 19. She used to sell African Black soap, Shea butter, alongside homemade hair and skin coating. SheaMoisture is Sofi’s legacy. The products have been tested for four generations on the Tucker family but never on animals.

You can use this smoothie cream on damp or dry hair to strengthen your hair. Well, you can also apply it to wet hair for the best results! This product has vegetable butter rich in nutrients that will condition your hair without weighing it down and give you healthy and bouncy curls. Make sure you part your hair in sections while applying the smoothie. However, after you apply it on your hair, do not rinse it off and style your hair as you wish. To get better results, you can use styling creams for braids, twist-outs, and another styling.

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The SheaMoisture Cream will make your coils look finer, but the main target is smoothness, which you can experience even while your hair is wet. Along with these primary ingredients, there are many other beneficial components such as Date palm extract, eucalyptus, ginger, comfrey root, etc. It also contains antioxidants like Avocado and Tocopherol, whereas Panthenol and Aloe leaf juice gives a soothing effect.

Few of the users say that their curls were smooth, soft, and defined on using this product. Also, the curls remained intact and were plumper.  This product is devoid of parabens, silicone, phthalates sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, or propylene glycol. The coconut oil will protect your hair and hydrate your damaged ends. Further, Neem oil is present to control frizz and add shine, and the silk protein makes your hair smooth. This product is specially formulated for curly hair and works well, particularly with protective styles!


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