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Styling short hair in a stylish manner
Styling short hair in a stylish manner
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Did you chop them off recently? Or have you been sporting short hair for a long time? Whatever it is, we are here to give you a variety of ideas to style your short hair stylishly. Six eminent faces were stirring us to style your hair in unique ways that please the eyes. Here, we give you our best advice on styling stylish short hair.


Want to sport a high fashion look? Ask your hairdresser to give you a blunt bob, just like the supermodel- Jourdan Dunn. Her blunt cut sits just above her collarbone and indulges angled layers that look very stylish. You can most definitely use ombre, which will soften the effect of the sharp angle. If you want the super model’s textured style then, curl your hair away from your face and rub Redken’s Powder Grip into the roots of your hair. It will add a teasing look to your hairstyle. Apart from curling it, you can also rock straight hair, which will show off the spectacular angle.


Inspired by Scarlett Johansson and her red carpet appearances with either a voluminous fashion or a side-swept chic, she has made pixie cut one of its kind as a stylish short hair style. She is currently rocking a razor undercut pixie, and she seems to be on a mission to style the cut in different ways every time. If you plan a fun night out with your girls, get your curling irons out with sprays to style your pixie cut. You can use a KMS Add Volume Root and Body Lift Spray and run various sections through your chunky barreled curling iron to style your hair. Keep altering the directions of the iron to get proper height and consistency.


Taylor Swift has been a style icon for years now, and when she cut her hair, it marked the start of a new era. Though she maintains her old Hollywood style, she is always reinventing what went before looks from the old era and styling them in new ways. She is also a massive fan of fringes. These two hairstyles of Taylor feature different ways to wear bangs in a stylish short hair manner. To attain either of Taylor’s style, we recommend you to curl your hair thoroughly and pin each curl to set. Once the hair has cooled down, you can unpin them and comb through each curl to loosen the wave. For a formal look, you can curl the fringes and tuck the hair behind one ear, and in the final stage, spray it with Kerastase Laque Couture to clutch it in position.


A lob is a hairstyle where your hair is in between the awkward middle phase to achieve longer locks as you have had short hair for a long time. Elizabeth Olsen made this enduring phase look stylish with her signature style. She prefers a deep side part to create an effortless finish, whether wearing shaggy waves or a curly updo. To get this look of her, you can use a double-barreled iron while working hair in different directions before applying Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax into the hair for texture and polish.


Always stick to the basics to achieve a sophisticated look, and nothing beats slick, dead straight hair. Australian Rose Byrne is the one to look up to for such straight styles as tends to play around with this style. You can start with a side part or a crisp center, comb gel through your damp hair, and blow-dry. Later, you can use Ghd Styler and run it through your hair getting as close as you can to the roots. If you are already blessed with straight hairs, then curve the ends under with a round brush when blow-drying.


Ashley Benson’s short beach waves cannot be carried as she does by anyone else. She is well aware of styling her hair in different ways. She makes sure that she keeps changing her style while still keeping her bead- hair comfort zone. Both her looks feature bohemian look, but one also shows braids and a faux shave. If you want such bohemian waves, ensure that you create relaxed curls and leave the ends out when curling with Remington Curling Iron. Don’t forget to brush your hair once you are finished to turn them into soft waves. These styles look effortless, and you should avoid fussy over details.

Do try these styles and see what is best for you. Curl and straight and look your best if attending a party or only going to the park. Try them now and get the best stylish short hair.



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