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  • How to Use Retinol on Sensitive Skin Step-By-Step Process?
    How to Use Retinol on Sensitive Skin Step-By-Step Process?
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    Do you have sensitive skin? Are you tired of searching for a retinol cream that is not irritating your skin? I know people with sensitive skin have to be extra cautious of what they apply to their skin. Especially, retinol which is a form of Vitamin A, when not used gently, can irritate your skin. However, retinol helps you keep your skin healthy. Do not worry! We have listed out step-by-step tutorials to keep your skin healthy using retinol. These are based on the advice of dermatologists. Gently cleanse your skin A good thumb rule is always gently clean your skin before applying retinol. The dermatologists suggest you cleanse your skin with a product that contains moisture and hyaluronic acid. Products such as Neutrogena, Burt Bee, Cerave' hydrating gel, etc., have these ingredients that can deeply cleanse your skin and then moisturize it. Go gentle first The dermatologists suggest testing your skin retinyl ester first. Now, you may think about retinyl ester? Retinyl ester is a milder form of Vitamin A, and it is less irritating than retinol. Look for…