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  • How dry brushing is beneficial for you?
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    How dry brushing is beneficial for you?
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    Do you want glowing and rejuvenating skin? If you answered yes, you'd need to get a dry brush. A typical human being has 100,000 different cells in his or her body, packed into 200 or so pounds. But if a new trend catches on and everyone starts to dry brush themselves - a trend that is admittedly helped along by the recent craze for intermittent fasting - the entire body will be replaced in just under six days. Dry brushing is claimed to have many benefits. Before we get started, let's talk about dry brushing: What is dry brushing? A dry brush is a stiff bristle brush that is used to brush your body. It is used for massaging your body daily. It helps exfoliate the skin, remove the flakes, improve circulation, digestion and detoxification. Moreover, it can reduce cellulitis. How true is it? The dermatologist says it is 50-50%. Pros of dry brushing yourself Detoxification of your skin The action of dry brushing benefits in many ways. It exfoliates your skin. Dry brushing eliminates the clogged pores during exfoliation. It…